Chai Walli on The Living Room TV

Chai Walli on The Living Room TV

"It was such an honour to be invited onto Channel 10's The Living Room TV show to share a piece of my beautiful cultural heritage with Amanda Keller" - Uppma

On Friday 11th September this year, Amanda Keller and the team from The Living Room came to visit Uppma in her home and talk all things chai.

The Living Room is an evening lifestyle show on Channel 10 in Australia. This week they had spent some time with a lovely Indian family, helping them to redesign and add some extra flare to their new home. Of course, when Amanda arrived, she was offered a fresh cup of chai! So it was only fitting that in the next segment, Amanda gets to learn more about the tradition that is masala chai - from none other than our Chai Queen, Uppma!

Click on the white arrow below to watch our spicy segment, or read on to discover which tantalising spices Amanda chose to include in her personalised chai blend…

In her own living room, Uppma had prepared the most divine of spice boxes for Amanda to pour over. A nibble on a fennel seed, taking in the aroma of the lemon myrtle, and getting excited by the was obvious that Amanda has a bit of a sweet tooth!

“You’re attracted to sweet things, but now we need to balance them.” - Uppma

So in the mortar and pestle, they popped Amanda’s sweet treats, and then Uppma suggested some cloves and organic turmeric chips to ground the blend and balance the sweetness.

Amanda ground the spices into a beautiful masala mix. 

“There’s one thing missing!” - Uppma said.

“Hot water?” - Amanda replied.




The Chai Queen then sprinkled our organic and fair-trade CTC black tea (that’s crush, tear, curl to those in the know!) into the mortar...perfectly balancing this beautiful new chai blend. Amanda's Chai Blend. 

On to brewing the chai, and we all know the drill…water in a pot and add the spices once warmed. Brew til you’re feeling good, then add in your favourite milk. You’re looking for that golden colour! ps…If you’re not feeling 100% with your brewing game - here’s another video of Uppma preparing chai the authentic way!

Ohhh, girl….watch that double brew action! Uppma expertly allows the milk and water to boil up in the pot but just at the right moment, turns the heat down low to cool it down. No chai-explosions here.

“I’m the Chai Queen!” - we hear Uppma proclaim proudly in the background.

In the final stages of the segment, Uppma teaches Amanda a very important lesson…

“If it’s hot, you gotta slurp it!”

And that’s that - the perfect place to end it!



 - - - - - -

Thanks to Amanda Keller and the team at The Living Room and Channel 10. We LOVED that you took the time to shine some light on this small, female run, first generation Indian Australian business!

If you'd like to shop our award-winning Chai Blends - here's our full range. Or, if like Amanda, you'd like to create your own blend, our favourite spices can be found in Uppma's Pantry. Have fun - we can't wait to see your own personalised blends! 




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