Teas and spices are our art and we are passionate about sharing. As the leaders in this field we take it as our mission to provide you with our Chai Walli services. We do this by bringing beauty to tradition through innovating and evolving. 

Wholesale of Teas + Spices

We supply all our blends to the finest cafes, shops and whole food stores across Australia and overseas. We support small business and have a tea leaf to tea cup policy. We deal directly with our tea farmers and spice growers to import the finest quality organic teas from family owned tea estates. We import a range of premium, single origin and small batch teas and are the only importer in Australasia for them. It’s important for us to share the love, so as well as wholesaling our product range, we also wholesale our individual teas and spices in bulk. 

    Cafe Consultants + Infrastructure Set Up

    As game changers in the way chai is made in a modernised context, we use our knowledge to consult a number of cafes on how to incorporate authentically brewed chai to their customers. We provide training, guidance and cuppings to all staff to ensure everyone understands the purpose chai plays on your menu. We also assist in getting and setting up all the infrastructure for your cafe to provide your customers with the best tasting chai! 

    If you are interested in any of the above, please email us on hello@chaiwalli.com.au to discuss this further.