11 spice chai blend product pack

11 Spice Chai

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11 spice chai  caffeine free blend product pack

11 Spice Sticky Chai

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The Ayurvedic Remedial Tea Pack of three-Digestion, Skin Glow and Relax & Unwind
Chai Walli Chai Candle in its golden jar with the label on

Chai Candle

Chai Walli Chai Chocolate bar with the silver wrapper removed just a bit
Two Chai Walli Chai glasses side by side

Chai Glasses

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a henna decorated hand holding a chai glass while another hand pours chai in it from a kettle

Chai Kettle

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Chai Lovers Pack products in display with corresponding brewed chai in glasses

Chai Lovers Pack

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A Chai Pot, strainer, two glasses of Chai and three Chai Walli signature chai blends products

Chai Making Kit

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