Who We Are.

Chai Walli is a Melbourne-based chai business specialising in high grade Ayurvedic Indian teas. Hand crafted by Founder, Uppma Virdi, our products are completely natural, Ayurvedic, sugar free, preservative free, vegan and have caffeine free options. Starting from humble beginnings, blending teas in Uppma's family home kitchen, Chai Walli teas are now a house hold favourite.

Now Chai Walli has been blessed to win numerous awards, allowing us to grow into a team of Chai Crusaders. Our warehouse is where we blend, package and send our teas Australia wide and overseas. Did you know we also run educational workshops and pop up Chai-Bars? Well, we sure do! We are passionate about teaching people the Art of Chai and Ayurveda through our boutique workshops. Our Pop-up Chai Bar add a fresh new dynamic to any event. Seeing people enjoy our soul nourishing teas is what motivates us to keep going.



Ayurveda ( /äyərˈvādə/ ). It is one of the most ancient forms of holistic well-being which is still widely practiced in India today.

Uppma balances herbs & spices with the knowledge passed to her from her Grandfather, Dr Pritam Virdi - an Ayurvedic doctor. From him she learnt a deep understanding of Indian spices and their Ayurvedic properties. Chai Walli's conception pays tribute to Dr Pritam's legacy. There is a large gap in the market for traditional high quality Indian teas, so we decided to share Uppma's family secrets with you. 



Our teas are directly sourced from a small batch organic tea farms in the Assam Valley of India. We are driven to ensure all our suppliers are transparent to align with the Chai Walli's ethical values. We take great pride in sharing with you the highest grade of single origin Indian teas.

Our signature chai is the most authentic chai on the market. It is made using only whole spices that are hand blended using traditional Indian practices; this means no liquids, no powders, no preservatives - just natural chai goodness.