Chai 101 Video / Uppma from Chai Walli

Chai 101 Video / Uppma from Chai Walli

Here is the video you've been asking for! How to brew authentic Indian masala chai in 5 minutes at home using Ayurvedic spices and organic black tea. In this video Uppma will show you how to brew the most stunning of masala chai, as well as sharing a few insider tips with you. Enjoy! 


If that doesn't have you craving a delicious, spicy, creamy chai - we don't know what will! How do you chai? We would love to get a sneak peek into how you brew your Chai Walli teas at home - be sure to tag us in your social media pics & use #chaiwalli. We will always repost our favourites! 

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Helen Box

Helen Box

Very interesting video thanks

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