We've got a sweet spot for Jaggery!

We've got a sweet spot for Jaggery!

We’ve got a sweet spot for Jaggery, and we’re not ashamed of it.

Jaggery is a traditional, natural Indian sugar - best known for it’s supporting role in the millions of cups of chai that get served each and every year!

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It has a caramel, malty taste which complements a spicy chai brilliantly and won’t leave your brew unbalanced or overpowered. We love using Jaggery in all of our chai blends as well as our Turmeric Lattes.

Unlike many commercial sugars, Jaggery is unrefined which means that it comes from simply boiling and then drying the juice of the sugar cane plant. There’s no bleaching, no mixing with other substances and no drawing out the wonderful nutrients that are present in raw, natural, unrefined sugar. Whilst we don’t advocate having lots of sugar in your diet, if you’re going to turn to a sweetener for your chai or baking - this is your guy!

Speaking of baking, you can find Jaggery in some of Uppma's’ favourite kitchen creations:

Chai Sticky Date Pudding
Chai Apple Crumble
Chai Hot Cross Buns (we just call them fruit buns when it's not Easter!
Chai Ice Cream

Chai Walli Sticky Date chai recipeBake: Chai Sticky Date Pudding

Jaggery is an essential in Indian kitchens, especially whenever there is chai involved! We think it is such a beautiful partner to our chai blends which is why we include it in our Chai Starter Kit and Chai Making Kit. You can also find it in our #iso Working From Home Pack.

Chai Walli Covid19 Isolation Working From Home tea packShop: The Working From Home Pack. From $66.00

Aside from in chai, Jaggery works beautifully with an English Breakfast tea - as the malty-ness of the golden tea leaves match brilliantly with the caramel flavour of jaggery. We also use it when we are making a matcha latte (= matcha + jaggery + warm milk of your choice = heaven).

Jaggery is so versatile - you can even use it in savoury dishes! We’re thinking about a creamy pumpkin curry using coconut milk, spices and a little jaggery. It also balances well with the sourness of tamarind. In southern India they make a sweet curry with pumpkin, jaggery, and grated fresh coconut - yum! 

So - there you have it. We warned you we had a sweet spot for Jaggery...do you? (it's ok..you can tell us!). 

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