Chai Making Kit

$77.00 $85.00

Chai Making Kit

$77.00 $85.00
Chai Pot Size:

To make chai properly, you need to make sure you have the correct utensils and tools! We've created a chai making kit for you to make the most delicious cup of chai for yourself or to show off to your family and friends! It's so important you have the right chai pot to brew the perfect chai on stove top and also pour from without any spillage. It's also important to have the correct strainer that fits perfectly into a cup. We source all our chai utensils directly from India where they are traditionally used to make authentic chai.

This chai making kit includes our best chai blends and the finest chai utensils to help you master the art of chai:

1x 11 Spice Chai 100g (20 serves)
1x Golden Chai Caffeine Free 100g (20 serves)
1x Jaggery (Indian Natural Sugar) 100g
1x Chai Strainer
2x Chai Glasses

Choose between: 2L (Medium) or 1.3L (Small) non-stick Chai Pot

Please note, all chai bags come with instructions for brewing. Our new & improved chai pot (with pouring lip & non-stick coating) are black in colour, so will differ from the chai pot pictured. These are not suitable for induction cooking, but work great with gas cooktops. 

Dietary Requirements
Gluten free, vegan, natural, preservative free.
Australian Made Chai Blends

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