Finding Comfort in Winter & Spices

Finding Comfort in Winter & Spices

Winter is here, and in some states it has well and truly kicked in (hello, Melbourne!). But Winter this year feels a little different. With Australia slowly starting to re-open after the effects of Covid 19, it’s not just the skies that may be looking a little grey.

This is why we wanted to put together a list of our favourite spices that you can add to your tea, your baking, and just your general surroundings, to make this Winter as cosy and comforting as possible!

Spices to add to your chai in Winter.
Whilst our chai blends are spicy enough on their own, we know that in Ayurveda it’s recommended to increase the warming properties of everything you eat and drink. That’s why we love adding extra ginger and turmeric pieces to our chai blends. The sluggishness that can be felt when it’s cold outside can be balanced beautifully by adding more spice. Cloves and cinnamon are also great to warm you from the inside out.

What’s our preferred chai blend when it’s cold outside? Our turmeric-based Golden Chai is spicier than our 11 Spice Chai, so it wins the gold (turmeric-coloured) star in Winter! You can experiment by adding a little sprinkle of one of the above spices during the cooking/brewing of your chai, to give it an extra Wintery kick. 

Our Golden Chai is a winner this Winter!

Speaking of warming spices & Ayurveda, we were lucky enough to interview our friend, and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, Phillipa Joy last year. You can read the interview here - she shares so many amazing insights about introducing Ayurveda to your Winter rituals!

Hot baths on a cold night.
There’s something special about running a bath for yourself. For that time - you can be still, and warm, and nothing else matters. Alongside your hot bath we recommend making yourself a big mug of our Relax & Unwind Ayurvedic herbal tea. The tulsi, ashwaghanda and lavender in this brew are perfect for calming the mind and relaxing your nervous system. 

We also highly recommend sprinkling a few rose petals in your bath, and lighting a chai-spiced candle. Decadence is the key to enjoying a chilly night in!

Enjoy: Chai Walli hand-poured soy candle

Cooking in the kitchen.
Winter is the season for the slow-cooker, the roast veg, the lovingly made risottos, and the spiciest of Indian dishes! Recently, we launched our new Uppma’s Pantry range which showcases some of our favourite spices for the home. The star (both for our customers, and in our own kitchen) is Uppma’s Mums’ garam masala. This amazing traditional spice blend is the easiest way to create a warming base for a delicious and authentic curry or dahl.

No wintery kitchen is complete without a traditional Spice Box!

Be sure to also check out our blogs as we will be publishing some of our favourite recipes using these spices in the coming months. To get your started, you can check out Uppma's recipes for Shahi Paneer and Chai & Cacao Spiced Porridge.

Turmeric - of course!
We couldn’t write a Winter blog without mentioning Turmeric. This golden goddess of the spices is so loved around the Chai Walli HQ during Winter, and it’s easy to understand why! Turmeric has amazing warming benefits to the body, but also is said to be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it can assist you if you’re feeling a cold or flu coming on.

Chai Walli Turmeric Latte BlendOur Turmeric Latte (Haldi Doodh)

Rather than repeat ourselves - here’s a list of our favourite Turmeric blogs for you to enjoy:

Stay spicy chai lovers!
We hope that the above ideas will help you to keep toasty and loved up this Winter. Winter is the time to slow down a little, treat yourself, and show love to the people around you. Luckily, a big mug of chai can help you do all those things!


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