Chill this Summer, the Chai Walli way!

Chill this Summer, the Chai Walli way!

It’s been a hot one, and this Summer is promising to go on for a while yet! To keep you cool, we’ve put together a list of our favourite ingredients to chill out with and a couple of recipes to inspire you!

Ayurveda teaches us that herbs and spices can have healing and beneficial properties. There’s also a few special ones that are focussed on cooling you down from the inside out - now that’s what we’re after this Summer!

Rose…is not only for Valentine’s Day! This romantic ingredient is said to have cooling properties for both your skin and your heart. Include dried rose petals and buds in your iced tea or check out our vibrant Skin Glow herbal blend - delicious both hot and iced! 

Brahmi…is a legend at cooling the body and can also assist with calming your nervous system and increasing concentration. Is it just me, or are things harder to achieve when it’s hot outside? This delightful herb is a feature in our Relax & Unwind brew.

 Fennel & Coriander…spice things up while actually cooling you down! Adding fennel or coriander seeds to your tea will help to chill you out. Fennel crazy? If you don’t know about Mukhwas yet - get googling! You can also enjoy this combo in our Digestion tea.

Cinnamon…we’ve saved the best ’til last! According to research published a few years ago, including cinnamon in your diet can actually reduce your body temperature by 2 degrees during hot periods. When choosing cinnamon, always try to purchase ‘Ceylon’ cinnamon rather than ‘cassis’ cinnamon. It may be more expensive, but the difference in quality & taste is outstanding! Of course, Ceylon cinnamon is a KEY ingredient in our chai blends and a stunner in our Turmeric Latte blend.

Our favourite Summertime recipes

How do we recommend making an Iced Chai? You can find the recipe here!    

Because we’re just a little obsessed, we’ve been making Chai Ice-Cream at least once a week this Summer. Here’s our recipe. 

Want to get a lil fancy at your next cocktail party? This spicy Chaijito recipe will be sure to impress! 

Stay cool, Chai lovers!


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