Chai Syrup


Chai Syrup


We sold out of our famous 24 hour brewed sweet chai syrup at our chai bar at the Melbourne Cricket Ground as part of the Indian Summer Festival for the India vs Australia Cricket Test Match! Since then, we thought, let's share the love of our delicious chai syrup by letting you purchase it online!

Limited amount available as we make this in small batches, if you need this urgently please place a note on your order saying *Need this urgently*.

This syrup is perfect to use as iced chai or as cocktail mixer. 500ml of our chai syrup makes approximately 20 serves of iced chai!

Check out our recipes here for a summery Iced Chai or a grown up spicy Chaijito:
Iced Chai and Chaijito

Our Chai Syrup uses our 11 Spice Chai Blend which is brewed with Jaggery (Indian natural sugar) and water. To make iced chai, all you need to do is put 15-20 ml of our chai syrup in a glass, add ice and top with your choice of milk (or water)! You can have it hot as well, just add hot milk to the glass instead.

Please ensure you refrigerate the syrup for up to one month.

It is natural, vegan, preservative free and handmade in Australia.