Uppma's Tea Sipping Schedule

Uppma's Tea Sipping Schedule

For some, it's been a long year of working from home, or even partially working from your home office / kitchen table / bed. Covid-19 really threw a spanner in the works of life, and we hope that you were able to adapt as best as possible.

One way that we were able to ensure we didn't loose our marbles was to introduce more ritual and good habits into our day. Uppma did this by setting up a tea-sipping schedule, bringing in the caffeine big guns when needed, and then the herbal chillax blends when the moments called for them.

Uppma's Tea Sipping Schedule when Working From Home

8am: Golden Chai with Dairy Milk and Jaggery
11am: Jasmine Green Tea
4pm: Relax & Unwind Ayurvedic Herbal Tea
9.30pm: Turmeric Latte with Oat Milk and Honey

Uppma: "Why did I create this schedule? Because I spent a lot of 2020 working from home. WFH requires self discipline, structure, fresh air and daily rituals to help create barriers between work and home life so that it doesn't end up as one big pyjama partea."

Here is a 'Day in the Working From Home Life' for Uppma, highlighting the Chai Walli goodies that got her through.... 

8.00am: Golden Chai with Dairy Milk & Jaggery

"This is the chai that my husband and I love to start our day with. The Golden Chai is great in the morning because brewing & enjoying it gives you a moment to reflect on your day ahead. The kadak (punchy) flavours in this blend give you an exhilarating kick, followed by a smooth balance from the organic black tea leaves. This masala chai tastes great with dairy, oat or soy milk and you can add a little bit of Jaggery (natural Indian sugar) to your brew to lift the beautiful flavours of the spices." Two hands holding a cup of milky chai.

11.00am: Jasmine Green Tea

"Next up is my favourite mid-morning break. This Jasmine Green Tea is so uplifting, it's absolutely incredible. I found this tea at a farm in South India, it's organic and fair trade. It's honestly the best jasmine green tea I've ever had, which is why I love sharing it. We are also the only Australian business that offers this tea from this particular farm. Use a teapot to brew this tea (add a dash of cold water to your pot first and then the just-boiled water). No need for milk or sweeteners - unless its a side of our Chai Chocolate or some nuts."


4.00pm: Relax and Unwind Herbal Tea

"This is our mid-afternoon go to tea blend. Why? Because by this stage I really want something comforting, that won't give me the jitters and doesn't contain caffeine. It's so different from any other relaxation tea that you would have tried. I formulated it using traditional Ayurvedic ingredients, keeping in mind that I wanted it to taste amazing. With hints of lavender, rosehip and tulsi, our Relax and Unwind Ayurvedic herbal tea is a really beautiful blend. Brew it in a teapot, as strong as you like. You can also enjoy multiple infusions, so make up to 3 teapots of this tea from the same leaves. I love this blend with a cookie or some cheese and crackers."

9.30pm: Turmeric Latte with Oat Milk & Honey

"Oh for the love of tea, this blend is my bedtime bootea call (sorry but I talk in the language of tea hehe). I created this blend in honour of my parents. When I was living at home, every night my dad would make us a mug of haldi doodh (turmeric milk) and it was the most decadent and comforting drink to ease us into bedtime. It's not bitter or dirty tasting like a lot of other turmeric latte mixes, it's truly balanced and smooth with the sweetness of natural cinnamon and fennel. You can also sweeten it even more with a little local Australian honey. Everyone who has tried our Turmeric Latte blend loves it (just check out the reviews). Enjoy this turmeric latte ritual about half an hour before bedtime and make it your time to switch off. Read a book, or journal about your day and what you're grateful for while it's cooling down."

So there you have it! Sticking to this schedule will prep you up with caffeinated black tea when you wake, keep you concentrating with a soft green tea mid morning, chill you out after all that screen time in the late afternoon, and then get you ready for a soothing and rejuvenating sleep at night time!

Do you have a tea-sipping schedule? We'd love to know about it! 

Our "Working from Home Pack" is a great way to start your daily chai schedule, click below to learn more:  


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