The story behind our Turmeric Latte

The story behind our Turmeric Latte

The birth of our Turmeric Latte

Conceived on: 17th August, 2017

Date of birth: November, 2017

Why we brought it into the world: Based on the recipe that Uppma’s dad would make the family each evening, it was only natural that we wanted to share this with the world.

Tasting notes: Spice, warming, subtle sweetness, smooth.

Pair with: A sweet, cinnamon bun or sourdough toast with honey.

Enjoy when: 
You’re seeking comfort and warmth at the end of a busy day.
Your friends are enjoying chai or coffee but you’re wanting a caffeine free milky drink.
    Brew: On the stovetop to really allow the spices to infuse and shine in the milk. You can watch Uppma’s how-to video here. 


    Turmeric Latte 5 star review
    Turmeric Latte 5 star review

    Our Turmeric Latte is super special to the Chai Walli team! If you’d like to know more about it and why we think it is so special, you can read our blog “We Love Turmeric” here.

    If you’re feeling creative, we’ve also just published a piece about a few different ways you can use our Turmeric Latte. That’s right folks, it’s not just for sipping! Right this way...

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