New spicy ideas for our Turmeric Latte blend...

New spicy ideas for our Turmeric Latte blend...

Turmeric fans! We hear you - there’s so many different ways to use our Turmeric Latte blend, it’s not all about the sipping! 

Chai Walli turmeric latte packet on a table with a glass of orange turmeric latte.

If you’re new to the Turmeric world - we recommend reading this blog - it's a great place to start and tells you all the reasons We Love Turmeric!

However, if you’ve already progressed a level or two in your Turmeric Latte world, then this blog is for you! We’ve compiled our favourite ways for using our beloved Turmeric Latte blend….apart from drinking it of course!

A cheats curry base!

golden curry in a blue bowlWhile Uppma’s mum, Upinder, may not be too happy about this one - the not-so-Indian staff member, Kayla, thinks this is a genius idea! We all know that the most authentic curries come from when you have all the spices fresh and when you can roast and grind them just before you use them in your mix. Well - aside from Mum’s Garam Masala mix, Kayla thinks this is the next best thing.

Four of the yummiest spices are already in our Turmeric Latte blend (turmeric, ginger, fennel, cinnamon), so why not fry them off with a little oil or ghee to form your curry base? Then you can add all the chilli and curry leaves that you like, a lil tomato...or perhaps some coconut milk? Trust us - you’ll be thrilled to have our Turmeric Latte blend in your pantry the next time a quick-curry is on the menu! Because we don’t add any sugar or jaggery (or artificial sweeteners!) to our Turmeric Latte blend, your curry will only pick up a little sweetness from the cinnamon and fennel. We also think this would work as a pumpkin soup spice too. Nice work, Kayla.

In this amazing overnight Turmeric Chia Pudding!

One of our delightful customers created this recipe and we're ALL converted. Find the recipe here.

As a face mask!

Turmeric has amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, so it’s not surprising that people have been smothering it on their faces for years! While we certainly suggest you do your own research first (and then do a few test patches before getting right into it)...we love the idea of using our Turmeric Latte blend as a face mask.

You can blend a little up with either greek yoghurt or a honey and water mix and then slather that gold goodness on your gorgeous face! Enjoy being a goddess for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off.  And it's not just the turmeric aspect that is good for you - fennel is said to be excellent at softening and toning the skin, cinnamon is also an amazing antioxidant, and ginger is stellar for circulation. Hmmm...maybe we’re in the wrong industry? Just kidding! 

And lastly, an oldie but a goodie….In a smoothie.

By now, we understand all the amazing health benefits of turmeric - so why not add a teaspoon to your banana smoothie in the morning? Cinnamon, fennel and ginger all work beautifully together plus the turmeric gives you all the extra healthy brownie points.

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So, we hope you loved these more "creative" ways to use our Turmeric Latte blend! Do you have any other ideas or foodie recipes? We'd love you to let us know via our social media: instagram or facebook

Has this inspired you to discover your inner golden goddess? You can purchase our glowing Turmeric Latte blend, here.

Stay spicy! x The Chai Walli team.


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