Chai Syrup Secrets

Chai Syrup Secrets

We’re going to let you in on a little secret…Uppma was quite hesitant to begin developing and then blending a chai syrup for you all. If her ancestors in India could see what she was up to…well…let’s just say it’s all a little sacrilegious. True masala chai is spices and tea, brewed over heat, made with fresh milk, and served that day. There’s none of this “brew for later” or (heaven forbid) “instant chai” business.

Man and woman sitting in a street in India drinking chai

But, alas….this is 2020 and times they are a changing. And we get it, time is precious, convenience is often king (or queen), and also - y’all like experimenting!

So, whilst we pride ourselves on being the most authentic masala chai business out there, we are also proud of the delicious chai syrup we now also offer. Why so proud? Because we don’t skimp on the small stuff, we haven’t packed this syrup with fillers and artificial flavours and numbers and colourings. When you purchase a bottle of our chai syrup, you know it’s made from our award-winning 11 Spice Chai blend, natural Jaggery and filtered water. That’s it! All made in house, made with as much love as our original loose leaf blends, and so delicious you’ll want to tell your friends about it!

How to use our Chai Syrup to make chai at home.

  1. Pour 15-20ml Chai Syrup in to a glass.
  2. Top with 150ml warm milk.
  3. Drink.

You can do the same thing to make an Iced Chai, just add ice cubes + cold milk. It really is that easy - even we can’t believe it sometimes! 

Man in white tshirt holding plastic cup with iced chai in itWhile we’re talking recipes, here’s a few other ways to use our delish Chai Syrup…


You heard right! We’ve mixed chai spices with lime, coriander, mint and rum to create the most enviable of sophisticated cocktails! You can find the recipe here. While we’re talking liquors, we also think our syrup would go beautifully with a whiskey and coconut cream(y) cocktail. We’ll leave you with that!

Glasses of a chai cocktail with lime and mint and black straws

Poured over your waffles, pancakes, porridge, ice cream…

Basically we suggest treating your Chai Syrup like a maple or golden syrup. Drizzle it over your favourite breakfast treats or your next ice cream sundae (ice cream plus sliced bananas plus chai syrup plus flaked almonds!). Heaven. 

Sticky Date Pudding

You’re going to kick yourself for not thinking of this one sooner! Warm, date-y pudding drizzled with a creamy chai-spiced syrup? Sign me up! This idea was such a winner that Uppma developed a recipe for you to follow, find that treat here.

Whole round cake with a jug of sticky creamy sauce being poured over it.

A vegan honey

We’re not saying it’s exactly like honey, but if you are of the vegan way and miss that sticky bee business, this could be the alternative for you!

Served over strawberries

Again, add ice cream. Chai ice cream perhaps?

Uppma standing over a cake with chai icingLike a kid in a candy store, we could keep going and going! Our Chai Syrup is super versatile and also the quickest way to make as-close-as-possible-to-the-real-deal chai when you only have a few minutes in the morning. 

The lowdown:
We offer our Chai Syrup in 200ml / 500ml / 1L bottles.
200ml = approx 13 serves
500ml = approx 33 serves
1L = approx 66 serves
Please refrigerate your Chai Syrup once it arrives to keep it fresh and tasty!
Check it out here.



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