Old Fashion English Breakfast

Old Fashion English Breakfast

This is Chai Walli's version of the classic Old Fashion whiskey drink! Please note, the addition of alcohol is optional and should only be consumed by those over the legal drinking age in their country.


  • Chai Walli English Breakfast Tea
  • Hot Water
  • Ice Cubes
  • Orange Peel
  • Whiskey (Optional)

Directions for one serve

  1. Brew one cup of our English Breakfast according to the instruction on the bag (steep for 2 minutes in water at 97 degrees).
  2. Place an ice cube in a glass and pour our English Breakfast tea over it.
  3. Twist your orange peel and place it in the glass.
  4. Optional: top with a shot of whiskey of your choice (if you're over the legal drinking age).
  5. Enjoy your Old Fashioned English Breakfast by Chai Walli :D


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Sarah Locke

Sarah Locke

I just made this and it’s so refreshing on a warm day and It’s my favourite black tea! I’m addicted, thanks for sharing such an easy recipe

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