JaGDeEp's Pear, Grape and Chai Preserve Recipe

JaGDeEp's Pear, Grape and Chai Preserve Recipe

There's something about unique jams - those with flavours that you wouldn't think would work or hadn't even considered combining. An exciting jam can turn any old piece of toast into a thrill! 

It's no surprise then, that one of our most adventurous customers, JaGDeEp, created this chai-spiced preserve and shared the recipe with us. JaGDeEp is always the first customer to try any of our new blends, and is often playing around with flavour combos. And yes, that is how they write their name (and we love it!).

The Chai Dust in this recipe gives the fruit a great spice, perfect on a chilly morning alongside a big cup of chai. We are excited to share this recipe with you...

JaGDeEp's Pear, Grape and Chai Preserve Recipe

900g seedless grapes
1kg pears (choose softer pears for more natural sugars)
250g Jaggery (or your favourite sugar)
1 teaspoon Chai Dust*

    1. Cut the pears into pieces (about 2cm big), removing the stem and any seeds.
    2. Wash the grapes.
    3. Place both the fruits into a medium non-stick pot on medium heat.
    4. Add half a cup of water and stir occasionally.
    5. Cook the fruits in the water until they are very tender and can be pressed/mashed with a ladle.
    6. Once the fruits are soft, you can either use a potato masher or a hand held blended to blend the fruits together. For a slightly more textured preserve, JaGDeEp suggests a potato masher.
    7. Once mashed, add the sugar and Chai Dust.
    8. Cook on a medium heat, stirring continuously, until it is thick and with a jam-like consistency.
    9. Allow to cool and then put into a jar or container, to keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.
pears and grapes cut up in a pot ready to be made into jamcooked pears and grapes in a pot being mashed by hand to make jam
pear and chai jam mashed in a large potchai and pear jam on two pieces of toast on a white plate
Whenever you get the craving (morning, noon or night) serve on toast, pastries, pancakes or even on top of ice-cream!

*If you don't have our Chai Dust on hand, you can grind up some of our 11 Spice Chai or Golden Chai in a mortar and pestle or electronic spice grinder.

Thank you JaGDeEp for this delicious recipe!


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