Best Holiday Gifts for a Chai Lover

Best Holiday Gifts for a Chai Lover

Here is a holiday gift guide that we have thoroughly thought through - I mean, we do know what we are talking about when it comes to chai! To make this year's holiday gift giving a little easier, here are our top 10 gifts to get for the chai lover in your life, while also supporting a woman owned, fair trade, ethical and sustainable small business! Woohoo!


1. Chai Lover’s Pack

The title says it all about this pack. Including all of our best sellers and award winning blends, this pack is the ultimate gift for any chai lover. This pack includes 1 x 11 Spice Chai 100g, 1 x 11 Spice Chai Caffeine Free 100g, 1 x Golden Chai 100g, 1 x Caffeine Free Golden Chai 100g, 1 x Lemongrass Chai 100g and 1 x Turmeric Latte 50g.

2. The Chai Walli Gift Set

This elegant pack is a great gift for your eco-friendly friend, as all our chai in this pack comes in their own reusable jars and, of course packaged in a recyclable box. This gift set includes 1 x 11 Spice Chai 45g, 1 x Golden Chai 45g, 1 x Lemongrass Chai 40g, 1 x Relax & Unwind 15g and 1 x Turmeric Latte 50g.  We have limited stock available so add one to your cart quickly.

3. Chai Making Kit

Now, this kit is for the person out there that wants to up their chai game! To make chai properly, you need the right tools and utensils which luckily, this kit has! Including 1 x 11 Spice Chai 100g, 1 x Caffeine Free Golden Chai 100g, 1 x Jaggery 100g, 2 x Chai Glasses, 1 x Stainless Steel Chai Strainer and 1 x Chai Pot 1.25L, it makes for the perfect gift!


4. Ultimate Chai Treats

This indulgent pack has some of our dreamiest products! We have selected our favourite chai infused products alongside two of our best selling masala chai blends to create this pack of pure spicy indulgence. This gift includes 1 x Soy Chai Candle 150g, 1 x Yve & Crow Chai Soap 120g, 1 x Monsieur Truffe Chai Chocolate 80g, 1 x 11 Spice Chai 35, 1 x 11 Spice Chai Caffeine Free 35g and 1 x Dessert Recipe Chai. I recommend this gift to the person in your life with a sweet tooth or a knack for baking!


5. Chai Kettle

Our limited edition chai kettles are an essential item to complete anyone's chai brewing set! Uppma asked many Chai Wallahs on the streets of Delhi, Punjab and Mumbai, what type of kettle they preferred serving chai out of. They all loved using this traditional Indian chai kettle. Luckily, we managed to find these chai kettles and we definitely recommend grabbing one of these as quickly as you can!


6. Chai Candle

Now, this limited edition item is a must have for anyone! What could smell better than the aroma of delicious chai spices in your home? This candle is guaranteed to be an A+ gift (even if your loved one isn’t a chai lover *gasp*)


7. How to Brew Chai Tea Towel

A handy gift indeed. A tea towel that has all the instructions on how to brew your chai? Yes please! This is an Australian printed and designed 100% cotton tea towel which showcases some of the beautiful illustrations created by our designer Janice.


8. Sticky Chai

You cannot look past our best selling Sticky Chai for a gift this Christmas! Our Sticky Chai is great for someone on the go, or if you have a home espresso machine and are looking for a product to make a milky, latte-style chai. This Sticky Chai is definitely a crowd pleaser!


9. Chai Starter Kit

For the loved one in your life who is new to the chai scene and totally loving it, our Chai Starter Kit is the ultimate chai gift kit idea, which comes beautifully boxed as well. This pack contains 1 x 11 Spice Chai 100g, 1 x Jaggery 100g, 1 x Chai Strainer, 1 x Chainformation Card and 1 x Dessert Recipe Card.


10. Gift Card

Now, last but not least, if you are a little overwhelmed or can’t decide on a gift, then look no further that our Chai Walli Gift card. With amount’s ranging from $15 to $100, it is perfect for any budget!

Well there you have it! Now get out there and get to gift buying!

Stay spicy,



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