The Story Behind Chai Walli's Golden Chai

The Story Behind Chai Walli's Golden Chai

Conceived on: June 2017

Date of birth: September 2017

Why we brought it into the world: The Golden Chai was brought into this world for a few reasons. We wanted to pay homage to Uppma’s birthplace, which is the Punjab region of India. During the winter months in Punjab, the cold is chilling and a lot of cloves and ginger are used to bring heat into the body so that we can be warm from the inside out.

While formulating this blend, Uppma really wanted to have a simple yet warming masala chai blend that celebrated some of the most beautiful spices that are used in Punjabi chai (or cha in the Punjabi language), which are known to be warming. Making this an essential blend for those wanting a bit more punch in their daily chai brew or for those wanting a winter specific blend to snuggle up with on a cold day. Either way, this blend was brought into this world with to showcase the vibrancy and richness of bold spices and since we birthed her, you’ve loved her!

Hear from Uppma herself share her story about how she created the Golden Chai blend here: Chai Walli Instagram.

Our Golden Chai even won a silver medal at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards for it’s deep spice flavours and smooth body.

Tasting notes: Cloves, heat, spice, warming, grounding, turmeric

Pair with: Sticky Date Chai Pudding or our take on Tessa’s Spice Cake

Enjoy when: Perfect for chilly mornings to warm up the body and give you a kick start to the day.

Brew: The traditional way on the stove top.

What Chai Lovers say about Chai Walli's Golden Chai:

"Beautiful and smooth! My 5 yr old and I are loving this blend. I ordered a taster pack because I hadn’t tried the golden chai before. I Love it! It’s super smooth and just hits the spot : ) thank you Chai Walli xx" - Nadhira

"A friend gave me some of the Golden Chai Caffeine-free ..OMG so delicious, I was using another brand for years and will be now buying this one. Thank you for this" - Tracey


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