The Story Behind Chai Walli's Caffeine-free 11 Spice Chai

The Story Behind Chai Walli's Caffeine-free 11 Spice Chai

With Chai Walli's signature blend being one of our absolute favourites, we simply can't stop drinking it. And it seems most of our community feels the same. That's when we knew, we had to make a caffeine-free sister for this aromatic babe. Now we can all indulge in the wholesome blend at any time without the caffeine hit, even before bed.

Conceived on: Sometime in the 1970's by my grandfather

Date of birth: Rebirthed by Uppma in 2013

Why we brought it into the world: Because the world needed to drink this.

Tasting notes: Balanced, aromatic, smooth, rich, robust, floral and liquour

Pair with: Oat cookies, chocolate or a tea cake

Enjoy when: Before bedtime as a soothing and warming drink or if you're avoiding caffeine and want a high quality chai blend

Brew: On the stovetop method is best, but you can also make this in a teapot just with hot water. When you're feeling a bit phlemgy you can also brew this down into a tonic with water and add honey to it.

What Chai Lovers say about Chai Walli's Caffeine-free 11 Spice Chai:

"This is a great alternative to regular chai if you’re trying to cut out your caffeine but don’t want to miss out on the lovely flavours of chai." - Julie S
" This caffeine free blend is amazing! Captures the full chai flavour while being caffeine free, so it can be enjoyed at all times of the day. Love this!!!" - Lin
" I love this Chai! I have tasted and purchased several Chai Tea blends and this is the one I keep coming back to. It takes a month to get to me but well worth the wait; I just order accordingly." - Michelle


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