The Perfect Christmas Gifts under $25

The Perfect Christmas Gifts under $25

 The gift giving time of year is one of our favourites, and while we love the bigger events and the time shared with loved ones, there's something super sweet about presenting a small gift to the people that might not be in your inner circle.

For you here we've curated a small collection of our favourite Chai Walli gifts under $10 and under $25. 

A little gift goes a long way, and I'm sure there's a few people in all of our lives that deserve a small thank you this year!  

Chai Walli Christmas gift range on display.

Work-based Secret Santa or Kris Kringle Gifts

Your workplace may look a little different this year (a bedroom can be a workplace, yes?), and your co-workers might only be visible through the screen (unless you count your cat), but that doesn’t mean that work-based Secret Santa’s shouldn’t happen!

In fact, we think it's more important than ever to spend a little time and a little money on saying thank you to those you work with.  Your colleagues and you have been through A LOT this year…

To help you out if you are all working remotely - we found this super cute Secret Santa Names Generator, so that you can pick your person electronically!

Chai Walli Christmas Gifts under the Christmas Tree

Budget friendly gifts for Teachers, Neighbours, Babysitters, your Yoga Instructor...

You like them, and want them to feel appreciated….but you don’t like them as much, as say, your Mum. We’ve put together our favourite budget friendly gifts that will make someone feel extra special, without blowing the bank! Or giving them the wrong idea ;-) 

Wrapped Chai Walli gift in kraft paper, next to a bouquet of pink flowers.

Stocking fillers, fancy add-ons, that last spot in the foodie gift hamper....

You’re wanting something small, compact, easy to post or to pop in a stocking. Or perhaps you have the most amazing gift already lined up but are just feeling like it’s missing something.

Take your gift giving to the next level with these super simple Chai Walli treats. We’ve done the thinking for you - you’re welcome!

Chai Walli small gifts next to the Christmas tree


Simply click on the image or the product name to find it on our website. 

Chai Walli Gifts Under $10

Mini Chai Bag 35g. $8.00

Two Chai Walli favourite products side by side.

Choose from:
11 Spice Chai
Caffeine Free 11 Spice Chai
Or purchase them both in our Mini Chai Pack for $15.  

Chai Wali x Yve & Crow Soap. $9.00 

Chai Walli spicy soap

Summer Hill Native Honey $10

Chai Walli Summer Hill local native raw honey

Handy Tea Infuser. $6

 - - - - - - - - - -

Gifts under $25

Sticky Chai 250g. $25Chai Walli's new Honey sticky chai masala blend

Psss...spend $5 more and choose our
Vegan Sticky Chai for your plant-based friends! 

Our award-winning 11 Spice Chai. From $15


Monsieur Truffe x Chai Walli Chai Chocolate. $13.50

Chai Walli and monsieur truffe dark chocolate block, unwrapped

Relax & Unwind Ayurvedic Herbal Tea $14

Chai Body Scrub $20

Lastly, if you’re just not in the gift-choosing mood…and we hear ya!…a Gift Certificate is the answer. You really don’t have to do much at all and you'll still look like an amazing human being.

Simply purchase a Chai Walli Gift Certificate online, we will email it to you, and then either print it out and pop it in a nice envelope, or email it directly to that lucky duck!

Chai Walli Gift Certificate. From $15

Chai Walli gift certificate for christmas

- - - - - - - -


Before we finish up: the team at Chai Walli just want to acknowledge that this past year has seen a number of Australian's and their loved ones affected by this virus, and that you may have experienced the loss of a loved one because of it. This Christmas may be a little harder for some than for others, and we are sending all our love and chai wishes to you and your family xx


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