The Chai Crusaders - SBS Video

The Chai Crusaders - SBS Video

“We call ourselves the chai crusaders,
and we’re on a mission to rid the world of bad chai.”

Working on the theory of one cup at a time, it is absolutely our mission here at Chai Walli to show the world what real chai is all about. We’re not talking ‘chai tea’ and we certainly don’t want to hear ‘chai tea latte’ (#cringe), this is about legit masala chai!
Recently Uppma had a ball of a time talking all things spice & chai with SBS Australia. As she mentions in the video:

“Tea is a way of bringing people together…
it’s such a common language within cultures.”

Click on the image below to watch the video that SBS has produced - we love it & hope you will too! 
P.s. Can you guess how many cups of chai Uppma enjoys, on average, when she’s visiting India? You’ll need to watch the video to find out!

If that has got you as excited about masala chai as it did for us, we have a whole collection of informative blogs, delish decadent recipes, and of course yummy products to buy, right here on our website. Our favourites:

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If you're reading this, then in our eyes you are a Chai Crusader too!
We would love to know:

Have you introduced authentic chai in to your life? When did you discover Chai Walli? How do you make chai at home? Do you love sitting around with great friends and sharing chai, biscuits, laughs and maybe a few tears?   

We want to hear about your own chai journeys. Feel free to comment below or tag us in your posts with #chaiwalli.

Thanks to the team at SBS Australia!


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