Chai Accessories for your home and your life!

Chai Accessories for your home and your life!

Accessories are said to make an outfit, but in our world - they’re what makes a chai! From the perfect chai strainer to traditional chai kettles and glasses sourced direct from India: we have the accessories to up the volume on any home chai set up. 

Life isn't perfect, but your accessories can be.

Below we explain which chai utensils we love and how to involve them in your daily chai rituals.

Chai Strainer
Chai walli stainless steel tea strainer

Our stainless steel chai strainers are ESSENTIAL in brewing up a perfect chai. Because our award winning chai blends are made using organic tea leaves and freshly-ground spices, you need a lil strainer to hold all those ingredients back once your tea is brewed and ready for your cup!

To use: Once you’ve brewed your chai on the stovetop (or even in a kettle), hold the chai strainer over your glass, cup or mug, and pour the chai through. Did you know you can put the spent chai leaves and spices into your compost? We recommend rinsing off the milk (hold the chai strainer under running water) and then pop those tea leaves and spice in your home compost or worm farm.
Chai Strainer. $6.00 each.

Chai Glasses

These divine pieces of glassware are not only one of the oldest and most iconic accessories for serving masala chai - they’re also just so pretty! They're so pretty in fact, that we often sell out of these each year!

In the western world, a 100ml glass may not seem big enough for your morning brew, but when you consider that on every corner of every town in India you are likely to find a Chai Wallah who will top up your glass - you can see why they shouldn’t be too big! These glasses are meant for refill after refill after refill.
Chai Glass $9.50

Exercise? I though you said accessorise.

Chai Pots

Indian chai pot with red handle.

We hope by now you’ve all watched the videos of Uppma brewing traditional masala chai on the stovetop (if not…here’s our YouTube channel)! 

The most important vessel for your chai brewing? A durable Chai Pot that allows for even heat distribution and control. Uppma has sourced these amazing pots directly from India just for you. They come with a silicon coated handle to allow for easy grabbing when your brew is at that point of ALMOST boiling over (a true sign of a #ChaiQueen) and are a handy 1.25 litres meaning you can brew a single cup or to 4 or 5 at a time.

Chai Pot 1.25L $40

Chai Kettle

This kettle is the real deal. Uppma personally sources these in India direct from the most authentic of Indian makers. When Uppma was first planning Chai Walli, she took to the streets of Delhi, Punjab and Mumbai to speak with the Chai Wallah’s and find out what kind of kettle they preferred to use. This is it! Made from aluminium and holding up to 1.5 litres of liquid, these kettles can be used over a gas flame to brew your tea. At the Chai Walli HQ however, we like to make our chai in a pot on the stove and then pour it into the kettle to serve it to our guests! Fancy!
Chai Kettle. $60.00 each.  

White Storage Tin

Why shouldn’t you have something beautiful to store your loose leaf chai in? And heck, we don’t mind that it’s got our logo on it!
We originally created these sleek, modern white storage tins just for our wholesale customers who were serving our teas in their cafes and restaurants. But when you started asking - we had to offer them up to you too! Each tin will hold up to 500g (!!!) of loose-leaf tea. We wouldn’t say no if you wanted to buy a few to keep your fave chai…herbal teas…single origin teas..etc…in. ;-)
Chai Walli White Storage Tin. $16.00

My mother worshipped at the altar of accessories, and I got the bug. Iris Apfel quote.

"But, what if I want to purchase the whole lot?" - we hear you saying. Well, friend, the Chai Making Kit is made for you! 

A bag of chai, a pot and strainer with freshly brewed chai in it and a tea mug.

Inside this kit, you will receive:

1x 11 Spice Chai 100g
1x Caffeine Free Golden Chai 100g
1x Jaggery (Indian Natural Sugar)
2 x Chai Glasses
1x Stainless Steel Chai Strainer
1x Chai Pot 1.25L

Chai Making Kit $95 

Want to start smaller? Our Chai Starter Kit is for you! Containing our signature 11 Spice Chai + Jaggery + Chai Strainer + How To Brew card - it's the perfect, well, starter kit!

Chai Starter Kit $30.00

- - - - - -

So there you have it - our comprehensive round-up of our fave chai accessories. If you have any other questions about our Chai Tools range - do not hesitate to get in contact. You can email us:

And just to be clear…we’re not saying you can’t make chai without our chai tools - we’re just saying that you look cuter when you do! 

A person can never have too many accessories.


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