Event: International Women's Day 2022

Event: International Women's Day 2022

Tuesday 8th March was International Women's Day. Unfortunately we had to move our event to Tuesday 15th due to the NSW floods, but the day met us with warm weather and sunshine! Here is a run-down of our IWD event and our discussion about "How we can break the Bias" (take two).

"Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day. 
We can break the bias in our communities. 
We can break the bias in our workplaces. 
We can break the bias in our schools, colleges and universities.
Together, we can all Break the Bias - on International Women's Day (IWD) and beyond."

We hosted an intimate event for our local chai community to celebrate International Women's Day (take two). With this year's IWD topic #breakthebias, we had the opportunity to talk about the different kinds of bias that affect women and discussed how we can break these bias and lift each other up!


To start of the evening, Summer Hill local Wei-Yee taught a lovely yoga class to help everyone settle in. We loved how effortless she taught, and guided each and everyone one of us into a world of ease. By the end of the class, our bodies were stretched and our minds were calm and we were ready for our discussion! 

Yoga teaching Chai Walli International Women's Day 2022


Yoga teaching Chai Walli International Women's Day 2022 break the bias

There's nothing like a warm cup of chai and yummy snacks to get us into the zone for our discussion. We heard so many forward thinking idea's about breaking the bias in our own lives, and how bias has effected us in our lives too.

Here are the key topics that we discussed and what our lovely ladies had to say:

Kindness: Kindness is free, it's going out of your way to make someone's day. Putting yourself into their shoe's to make their day better. Listening to what they want to say with an open heart, without needing to jump in and fix their problems for them. 

Bias: Speaking out against gendered roles within the workplace, and gendered questions when going for interviews (even though it's illegal!). Women from different backgrounds being type-casted into roles in society, and using our voice to point it out so we can change it.

Empowerment: Empowering women to speak up about bias in their lives, or taking a higher position of power. Educating women from all walks of life about their rights, and giving them the support to stand up for themselves (because it can be so scary when you do it alone).

Equality: Making sure that all women from all walks of life have access to the same opportunities and access as each other. 

Community: Creating an environment where you can help lift each other up within your community, home and workplace. Creating connection and friendships in your workplace or neighbourhood by making a community garden or organising a pot luck dinner with your apartment buddies. 

Your voice: Speaking up for women, who are facing bias and discrimination in public. Standing up and saying that it's not ok out loud for everyone to hear! Making sure all women's voices are heard and understood. Making sure women's voices are required for every decision that effect women.

International Women's Day 2022 chai walli break the bias event

We absolutely enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful women who came to the event and we are so grateful with the openness and acceptance that each one of you displayed. 

To continue the conversation, we would like to invite everyone to our community event Circle of Chai. We will be discussing a certain topic and a spice (with added banter). We would love to action one of our discussion points from our IWD event and turn this into our own communitea pot-luck, so we can create a platform within the community to learn about other cultures and share the thing that connects us all.


International womens day 2022 chai walli event


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