Circle of Chai Community Events

Circle of Chai Community Events

A community that celebrates culture, diversity and equality. Be empowered by your voice and connect with others in a welcoming and inclusive space. At Chai Walli, we are passionate about having an impact on promoting healthiness for our mind, body and soul.

As a way of giving back to the community, Chai Walli will be hosting a series of regular events to keep the conversation going about some of the key issues influencing our society. Chai Walli is taking the lead on providing a safe space to address topics such as equality, diversity, sustainability and more. Each event will be unique in its own way, from networking to yoga classes, pot luck dinners or even a crafty session.

After the success of our International Womens' Day event held in March, we saw that the power of discussion and staying connected was paramount for many individuals in the community. This is how our virtual 'Chai Check-ins' have evolved into the 'Circle of Chai'.

Interested in joining our Circle of Chai Community Discussion and Events?

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