Humans of Chai: Chai Lover - Jan

Humans of Chai: Chai Lover - Jan

Jan has been part of the Chai Walli communitea since 2018 and we're so grateful that she has joined our journey to share the chai love and educate the world about authentic chai. Let's hear her story...

Do you remember the first time you tried chai? Tell us about your experience

My first experience drinking Chai was shared with a friend in South Australia who sadly is no longer with us so it’s nice to reflect on my Chai beginnings approximately 10 years ago. We shared her brew and always such a generous soul I went home with some Chai in a small jar. I was then exposed to Chai through my yoga teacher and drank her blend for quite a few years. I would come home from yoga in the mornings and put a brew on the stove. So comforting and nourishing! I travelled to India in 2016 and indulged in drinking Chai every day. That was an enjoyable experience I would love again.

What is your chai ritual?

    I do like my Chai in the mornings. In the cooler months I have been known to brew a pot first thing but lately I look forward to my treat to mid-morning.  I love the process of brewing my Chai on the stove, enjoying the aromas of the spices and then the beautiful taste of the warming  liquid. It’s like an ahhhh moment. All is good in my life!

    Humans of Chai - Chai Walli customer Jan

    What’s your fondest memory of chai?

      My fondest memories are of Rajasthan. Everywhere I went I drank Chai and I enjoyed the custom of sharing with strangers and of course my travel companions and driver. It was wonderful to experience the Indian generosity and hospitality. I also love to make a brew for my sons when they visit. That’s pretty special.

      What’s best complements your chai?

        My favourite way to make Chai is with Bonsoy. I love the creaminess the soy gives but  lately I am having a change and using almond milk.  I generally like my Chai on its own enjoying the flavours and sweetness of the spices but I do think it pairs well with chocolate. Yum. Definitely not for breakfast!!!

        How did you find out about Chai Walli?

          I watched Uppma featured on “The Project” after I returned from India. I was so impressed with her story that I ordered some Chai straight away and have been a Chai Walli convert since!

          Humans of Chai - Chai Walli customer Jan

          If you were a Chai Walli blend, which one would you be and why?

          I think I would love to be a Golden Chai. The colour of sunshine and warmth of spices! My favourite place to be on a beach of golden sand, sunshine and warmth.

          What is your favourite Chai Walli blend and why?

            Definitely the 11 Spice Chai. I love that it is not sweetened and is authentic Chai comparable to my Indian experience.

            There are no hidden ingredients and I like the quality of the tea and spices used.

            I also enjoy Chai Walli caffeine free 11 Spice blend and Golden Chai!

            A few extra words...

            I have been using the Chai Walli spices lately which I find full of flavour but I must admit “Mum’s Garam Masala” is just the best!

            I do think kindness and generosity goes a long way which I experience from the Chai Walli Team.  I love your hand written notes included in my orders.


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