Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali!

A very Happy Diwali to you all 🌟!

Diwali is the biggest annual festival in India, which fell on Sunday 27th October this year. 

Although it signifies different meanings to different faiths, there is one core central meaning that everyone celebrates. This is the important of lightness. Diwali, the festival of light, is a reminder that light conquers darkness and that goodness conquers all.

During Diwali we open our homes, our hearts and our pots of chai to our family and friends.

Mum with Diwali sweets

There are three main religions in India and around the world that celebrate Diwali. Hindu's celebrate Diwali to mark the beginning of their new year in accordance with the lunar calendar. Sikh's celebrate Bandi Chhor Divas which coincides with Diwali and marks the release of their 6th Guru as well as 52 other Hindu Princes in 1619. Jain's celebrate Diwali as a remembrance of their Lord Mahavir. But regardless the reason or your background, Diwali can be celebrated by all. It's a time to cleanse your home + your mind, to let go of the past + strengthen your bonds with your family + friends 

This year, we celebrated Diwali by working with Wellineux to serve traditional masala chai in different office foyers throughout Sydney, bringing the Diwali spirit to everyones heart through a cup of chai.

Chai Walli at a Diwali event in Sydney

It was a wonderful experience to share Diwali with others. Many people didn't know what Diwali was, which made for some wonderful educational chats over chai. Other people were SO EXCITED to see that one of their most special days was being celebrated in their workplace - that too was really special!

Diwali event in Sydney with Chai Walli

Did you celebrate Diwali this year? How did you and your family take part in this wonderful and meaningful event?

Thank you for supporting our mission in creating authentic and artisan chai blends. Because of you, we get to share a piece of our heritage with the world, a piece of our family to be loved and enjoyed with yours. Happy Diwali! 

Happy Diwali from Chai Walli



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