Chai Walli Team Favourites for Winter

Chai Walli Team Favourites for Winter

The winter chill is upon us and all we can think about it brewing steaming pots of chai to keep us warm. Warm up with us and read about the Chai Walli team's favourite winter blends and how they would enjoy it.

Uppma: The Golden Chai blend is my favourite for winter hands down. In my ideal situation, I imagine myself camping on a winter's day, brewing up some chai to warm my hands whilst gazing out in to the mountains. I still treasure the time I was in Austria, waking up to crisp fresh air, rugged up in my blanket and sipping away at my cup of chai. Absolute bliss.

Uppma in Austria

 Georgina: My favourite Chai Walli product for winter is also the Golden Chai! It is so warming and I like to drink it with lots of honey to soothe my body when it's really cold. I have also been really enjoying using the chai body scrub as my skin gets really dry in winter and it's really moisturizing.

My ideal situation to drink chai in winter is basking in the sunlight on a sunny winter day, maybe at the park, warming my hands with a hot cup of chai.

Jake: I'd say our single origin black teas (Earl Grey or English Breakfast) is my go-to Chai Walli product for winter because I find it simple and warm and enough for me to have a warm cup over winter.

For me, there is no "ideal situation" to enjoy my black teas. Chai is chai, and I believe that any time can be the perfect time to have a warm cup!

Krystal: The Chai Chocolate is my favourite winter product. I tend to indulge a little more during winter, and I really enjoy warm spicy flavours, so this chai dark chocolate is the perfect treat. Imagine sitting by a fireplace, glass of mulled wine in one hand and breaking off chocolate pieces with the other - that's my ideal winter moment.

Chai Chocolate


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