What Does Mindfulness Mean for the Chai Walli Team

What Does Mindfulness Mean for the Chai Walli Team

Mindfulness is an essential practice that the Chai Walli team embody to keep them grounded, express gratitude and inspire them through work. Continue reading to discover how mindfulness has helped Uppma, Georgina, Jake and Krystal.

What does mindfulness mean to you?

U: Giving myself moments of joy that my mind so readily needs and regularly craves. I call it a dose of daily vitamin M for my mind to keep it going.

G: Mindfulness, to me, means slowing down and taking the time to be in the present

J: Mindfulness, for me without the help of Google, means to be mentally aware about everything in life. This includes your surroundings, your own actions, your own thoughts, and even your own mindset and feelings.

K: Empowerment of self - becoming fully aware of your mind, your body, and your surroundings.

What are the top 3 mindful actions that have the most impact on your everyday life?

U: Meditation, journalling, people watching while drinking my chai, swimming

G: I feel the most mindful when I am drinking my morning cup of tea, when I am exercising or stretching and when I am in the bush.

J: 1. Being mindful with my Christian faith is probably the most impacting that I do. I'm not the most devout in terms of my faith, but I try to pray whenever I can and it really helps me out on a daily basis. 2. Catching myself whenever I get lost in my own thoughts. My thoughts tend to have irreversible consequences if left untended, because we know how chaotic our brain is at times. 3. Reminding myself to calm down and live life day by day. I tend to be incredibly future-minded that I forget to live in the now.

K: Dancing, being aware of my breath and listening to my body, and journaling. 

How has mindfulness benefited you?

U: It has allowed me to answer most of my own questions, befriend myself, love myself and rely on myself when I've needed my own inner strength to keep going

G: Being mindful helps me to destress

J: I think being mindful has definitely helped me become more aware in life, which leads to an ultimately happier life! When you are more conscious about your own actions, and use that consciousness for the better, then you'll start living your days with great realistic optimism!

K: It has helped my overcome anxiety, given me more confidence to trust myself and reignited my passion for dancing.

What is one thing you are grateful for?

U: My loved ones

G: One thing I am grateful for every day is the people around me that just make life so fun to live

J: I am grateful for rediscovering my faith, because it really has impacted the way I look at my life. It makes me appreciate almost everything that goes in my life, even troubles!

K: Dance. It's what keeps me grounded, brings me so much joy and reminds me of my purpose.

How do you use mindfulness to overcome situations that make you feel a little low?

U: It's when we're the busiest when we need mindfulness the most. When I'm feeling low, I use mindfulness to remind myself that you can't always be happy and feeling high - sometimes there are ups and sometimes there are downs but what I can be is brave and I can look and how far I've come on my journey, and that's the beginning of everything.

G: Mindfulness helps me to manage situations that feel heavy by allowing me to feel calm and rational

J: Usually when I'm low, my brain starts to overthink and make presumptions of events that won't or will never happen. That's why recalibrating your own thoughts is really important to live a happier life. Remain grounded, think of the things that truly matter, then move forward! There's no mountain nor valley you can't conquer.

K: Deep breaths and positive self-talk is what keeps me grounded during the lows. I notice that multiple thoughts start building in my mind, creating doubts and fear, which is why mindfulness is so important during these times.


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