"I am" by Uppma Virdi

"I am" by Uppma Virdi

A glance into Uppma's thoughts

"I am" by Uppma Virdi on 4th February 2022
I am every day people

I am Uppma

I am a female

I am a lawyer

I am a business owner

I am a speaker

I am a soccer player

I am not my name
I am not my skin colour
I am not the job I do 
I am not the interests I have
I am not the CV, resume or bio
I am not … I am 
For I am denotes that me is separate for the next
For we are one. Connected by the umbilical cord of humanity.

I am you … we..

The connection we share, the ability we harnessthe light between us, our paths … is interwoven between us all.
Those who forget that our journey is together, and strive only for the "I am" may quickly achieve symbols for the I am they believe in.

They will fill their bounties with countless jewels and gold. Adorn their body while looking in the mirror saying "This is nice but now I want the largest diamond I can get".

Once they get that they say, "This is nice, but now I want the Kohinoor" as they imagine how much others will revel in its beauty.

And as they spend their days collecting jewels, looking at themselves in the mirror and peeping through their window each day...

They say, "I have the Kohinoor, but I want what he has, I want to look how she does". With the snap of their fingers they are able to have it. And one day, when all they have beside them are the jewels and the remaining ones who take glory in their "I am", they realise that all this time they have been living with their eyes closed. They begin to seek those who they banished by their side to learn the secret of life so they can listen to their hearts voice. 

"Those who go alone, will go fast … Those who go together, will go far". 

As I slowly rid myself of the "I am" … I recognise that my journey is not to find myself, but to go together. My journey is not alone. Nor do I want to create jewels for myself.

I strive to have the ones who are ready to open their hearts eye and go forward as one. "But you did this, and I'm not going to do this and how could you say that". We get into these trivial debates, pride takes overs, lets let go of the pride and simply be. Be present, completely to another, to ourselves and to the world … This is the most precious jewel we could adorn ourselves with.  

This journey will have moments of joy, moments of stagnancy, pain and also suffering. We must continue walking as we understand that we must allow thoughts to come and go, we need to understand that moments will come,

"we accept, allow and continue walking our path, her path, his path, my path".

The paths are one of the same, it's how we choose to walk on them. Together, we may need to stop frequently for a rolled ankle, a broken leg, a slower pace, a cup of tea, a laugh, a bereavement, a cuddle, a cry, a dance, a learning.

But together, hand in hand, we reach the end. 

Although we did not win the gold medal, we cheer, we hoot, we holler. We walked the same path as the winner, but we went further. Further, not by distance, but further into our hearts, to learn and understand more about life and each other. As we look at each other, we recognise that we are not alone, our accomplishments are the accomplishments of all those around us.

We are everyday people. 

"I am" by Uppma Virdi
chai walli uppma virdi woman of colour business owner

Question: What inspired you to write this Uppma?
Answer: A few things. Firstly "Ek Onkar" which comes from Sikhism, and has meanings such as " One With Everything" or "One Creator". I was contemplating about this phrase and wanted to create my own understanding of it. Then it was from a feeling of needing to explain my values. And wanting to also put things into perspective for myself in terms of relationships and community.
Question: Do you have anything to add to this, now that you're reading it in hindsight?
Answer: No, I think it pretty much sums it up. If you don't know about what happened to the Kohinoor diamond, have a google as it was a jewel stolen from India by the British.
Question: How are you going to bring these thought into your daily practice/ or life?

Answer: A reminder that I'm not alone, that we're in this together in this crazy world and that life is not a race.


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