Top 10 Christmas Gifts for a Tea Lover

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for a Tea Lover

The Holidays are fast approaching and the yearly struggle to find gifts for our loved ones begins. The endless searching on the internet is tiring (for me at least) and the pressure starts to build. However, if you’ve got a fellow tea lover in your life, look no further than our list for the top 10 Holiday Gifts for Tea Lovers! You are so welcome.

      1. Three Tea Pack
        Our Three Tea Pack is the ultimate pack for any tea lover. Including the staples Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Jasmine Tea, this pack is such an essential. 

      2. Gift a Guided Tea Tasting at Tea Angle
        As said by Tea Angle themselves: ‘What better way to introduce your friend(s) to the wonderful world of Chinese tea than with a Guided Tea Tasting!’. During this Tasting, you will be guided through 3 different teas, each one brewed Gong-Fu style.

        Gift a Guided Tea Tasting

      3. Chai Starter Kit
        Our signature Chai Starter Kit is not one to miss! It is the ultimate chai gift idea, which comes beautifully boxed and includes our 11 Spice Chai, Jaggery and Chai Strainer.

      4. Kinto Tea Pot
        KINTO centres on beautiful, functional, long-lasting tea-ware that engage the senses. KINTO has a pot for everyone with a range of unique and beautiful designs.

      5. Tea Strainer
        You can't go past the staple in every tea lovers life - the tea strainer! With so many creative and beautiful styles, you are bound to find one that sits your loved ones style! I personally like the Nordic style Norsu Ceramic tea strainer (and we love a women run business). 

      6. Ceramic Tea Mugs

        Etsy is by far my favourite place to shop for presents and is a space for so many small business owners, creating ethical, sustainable and unique wares! There is an abundance of ceramicists creating the most beautiful

        handmade ceramic mug in rust green/brown coloured glaze. Made image 1

      7. Ayurvedic 3 Tea Pack
        We've created a herbal tea pack that has our best and finest remedial Ayurvedic herbal teas in it including Digestion, Skin Glow and Relax and Unwind. For any Ayurvedic tea fanatic, this gift would be perfect!

      8. Pottery for the Planet
        For your friend on the go, Pottery for the Planet has an enormous range of ceramic travel cups. Their mantra is to exist to contribute to the Earth’s long and healthy life, by eradicating single use culture and plastic waste across the globe. I like the sound of that!

      9. Tea Box Organiser
        A great gift to hold all your favourite and staple teas, this gift idea is a winner. Who doesn't doesn't love organising their teas? As for options, there are plenty of designs out there!

      10. Our Chai Walli Gift Card
        For those of you who have a little trouble picking from the list above, look no further than the Chai Walli Gift Card! With $15, $25, $50 and $100 Gift Cards available, allow your loved one to pick the gift perfect for them.

Well there you have it! Now get out there and get to gift buying!

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