Top 10 Australian Made Ethical Gifts

Top 10 Australian Made Ethical Gifts

With the holidays comes lots of gift giving. Many of us are becoming more aware however of the need to not only find gifts for our loved ones that are affordable, but also gifts that are sustainable, ethical and well-made! It can definitely be tough to find the perfect gift that ticks all these boxes. Well, fear not! I am here to help with a few suggestions (that I myself am even considering purchasing) for this season of gift giving. 

1. Eye of Horus Eyeshadow Compact Dawn

kind to you and to the planet. It is thoughtfully designed using zinc alloy, paired with customisable refill pans, and housed in recyclable, compostable, packaging. Each shade has been hand-pressed with 100% natural, vegan-friendly and ethically sourced ingredients. What else could you want from an eye shadow palette? Extra bonus that it’s made here in Australia.

2. Double Wick Chai Candle

Limited edition soy chai candles made in house by Chai Walli! Not only are they made in our Sydney based warehouse but they are also made by yours truly.

3. Eco Animal Crayons

Perfect for a little one, these cute Animal Crayons are Australian made and are 100% plant-based crayons. They are bright, beautiful, vegan, biodegradable and non-toxic. They are handmade from 100% natural ingredients, waxes and butters, and colour pigments derived from plants, roots, seeds and flowers. There is an added bonus also that if the crayons make their way into little mouths, they are perfectly safe for (accidental) consumption!

4. Hanami Nail Polish

These beautiful nail polishes are Australian made, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free! With a range of colours, there is something for everyone. Not to mention that Hanami is an independently-owned and woman-run business! We love supporting local.

5. Banksia Aroma Pod + Diffuser Blend

These unique Australian made essential oil diffusers help create a tranquil space in your home or workplace. Each diffuser comes with a beautifully crafted essential oil blended by Flaurae, who use a range of pure, natural ingredients that smell good and make you feel even better.

6. Kombucha Brewing Kit

Having gifted a Kombucha kit previously, I can definitely say that it was a hit! This gift is perfect for a Kombucha lover (which let’s be honest, is most of us), who with this gift will no longer have to purchase so many bottles at the supermarket, and simply just top up at home from their very own brew!

7. Butt Naked Hello Hydration Kit

Butt Naked scrubs have been all the rage recently! Made with waterless formulas which not only give you more potent actives, but also has environmental and sustainability benefits. Made using certified organic and fair-trade ingredients, this Australian made brand has perfect luxurious packs for you to select from.

8. Chai Syrup

This syrup is perfect to use as iced chai or as cocktail mixer and of course, is brewed at our warehouse in Sydney - again by yours truly 😉 . Made with our signature 11 Spice Chai and sweet Jaggery, this gift is a total treat.

9. Life Cykel Bee Pollination Grow Kit
Life Cykel's Bee Pollination Grow Kit blossoms into food for our bees. Australian made and packaged in recyclable packaging, doing our part for the bees just got a whole lot easier!

10. Last but not least, the Chai Walli Gift Card!

As mentioned in my previous guides, you really can't look past our gift card! By purchasing from Chai Walli, you are helping to support a local, small, women led business with sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Plus, we have so many options available on our website! You are so welcome.

Well there you have it! Now get out there and get to gift buying!

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