The story behind our Sticky Chai

The story behind our Sticky Chai

Conceived on:  September 2018

Date of birth: May 2018

Why we brought it into the world: When Uppma started Chai Walli, her focus was on the education of authentic chai blends from her family recipes passed down recipes and using her deep knowledge of flavour to formulate a range of beautifully balanced spice and herbal blends. However, as much as she wished all cafes and homes would make authentically brewed stove top masala chai, she also needed to be realistic.

In the busy environment of cafes in Australia, they need a product they can make quickly, giving you that dreamy frothy sweet and spicy chai latte drink. With this in mind, Uppma formulated a blend that was still using high quality ingredients and representing our core values (small batch, handcrafted, supporting organic and fair trade tea estates and most importantly, Australian made). 

Tasting notes: balanced, subtly spiced, dark chocolate, roasted honey

Pair with: Chai sticky date pudding 

When to enjoy: Morning as a hug in a mug and afternoon as a pick me up

How to Brew: As it's made to achieve a cafe-style creamy chai, you can use your home coffee machine. Our sticky chai can also be brewed on the stove top or using a tea pot

Chai Walli Sticky Chai

Our Sticky Chai is all about local, as we teamed up with beekeepers who live and harvest their honey across the road from our warehouse. Glenn and John, our mates who run Summer Hill Honey, make the most incredible honey we've ever tasted. It pairs perfectly with our 11 Spice Chai and that's how we created our 'Sticky Chai'.

This blend is all about celebrating all things spice and sweet in a cup, it's a hug in a mug and it brings a smile to our face every time we drink it. Albeit it's not what you'd get served in India by a roadside Chai Walla or Chai Walli, it's an amazing Australian styled sticky chai that's perfect on any day!


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