New Chai Walli Product Alert: Classic Punjabi Masala Chai

New Chai Walli Product Alert: Classic Punjabi Masala Chai

Introducing Chai Walli's August 2021 product of the month which is our newest product formulated by Uppma Virdi, founder of Chai Walli.

The Classic Punjabi Cha* blend is the newest addition to the Chai Walli range. This masala cha blend is Uppma's go to blend when she needs something to lift her and remind her of home. The Classic Punjabi Cha is made up of three simple ingredients: fennel seeds, cardamom and organic fair trade Assamese black tea (did we mention it's single origin as well?).

Although we've kept this blend simple, as with all our blends, our ingredients are all natural and high grade. We handcraft all our products in Australia to produce authentic and artisan blends.

*Cha is the Punjabi term of tea, where as Chai is the Hindi term for tea. We're using the term cha here to showcase the heritage of this masala cha blend.

Conceived on: This blend would have been conceived across India when masala cha would have gained popularity around the early 1800s.

Date of birth: Rebirthed by Uppma in 2013

Why we brought it into the world: Uppma created this blend to give you the option of having a classic Punjabi styled blend in your pantry. It's a classic and most Indian homes will give you a variation of this if you come over for a cuppa. 

Flavour Profile: There's something so beautiful in the simplicity of this blend, it boasts of flavour and pays homage to all things family. It's a reminder to stay grounded, connected and light. The flavours are floral, robust and light.

Pair with: Almonds, crackers and cheese.

Enjoy when: For Afternoon Tea.

Brew: On the stovetop method is best. We also recommend using this blend as a base for you to create your own blends. So get creative and add your own spices, herbs or fresh ginger to it!

To learn more about this beautiful blend, tune in to this short video of Uppma explaining what makes the Classic Punjabi Chai so unique and beautiful:

To get this blend in your life, click below:


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