Month of Mindfulness with Chai Walli

Month of Mindfulness with Chai Walli

"Let go of your mind and then be mindful. Close your ears and listen." - Rumi

As we come to the beginning of May, Chai Walli are embracing a month of mindfulness. Too often, we are caught up in our busy lives with overwhelming priorities, and we forget to pause and truly appreciate the world around us. This is why the culture of chai has been a significant in helping us become more mindful. Chai Walli are passionate about being present in every moment and expressing gratitude towards the little things we may take for granted. As quoted by Uppma, "a good cup of chai has a language of its own, it has the ability to bring calm and excitement all at once."

It's as simple as tuning into our senses as we are brewing a cup of chai or taking a moment to notice our surroundings. Download the calendar below to follow our journey to practice being mindful every day for the month of May. 

Chai Walli Month of Mindfulness


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