Humans of Chai: Paul from Diggy Doo's

Humans of Chai: Paul from Diggy Doo's

Uppma met Paul from Diggy Doo's a few years back, but they really can't remember the exact moment that they did. Nonetheless, when they reconnected in Sydney, there was immediate familiarity. With their worlds colliding, Paul and Uppma, knew they needed to join forces to share their love for chai and coffee. Chai Walli took a chai break to hear more about Paul's story and Diggy Doo's.

Tell us about your story and how Diggy Doo's began

I got an opportunity through a mate to take over an existing kiosk and run it my way. I’m just blessed to showcase what was learnt along the way through the people I know, met and continue to meet. Moving to Melbourne for coffee and getting a gig at Proud Mary ripped open my mind. Being in that whole scene was so dope. Loved it and learnt the real deal. Using Chai Walli at Diggy's fits right in. It’s the real deal. Simple as that. 

What is the most rewarding factor about running Diggy Doo's?

At the moment, it’s finding ways to find opportunity for the shop and everyone working at Diggy's. I enjoy seeking for opportunities to learn/improve something and that’s rewarding I think. 

Uppma and Paul from Diggy's

What was your first experience with chai or the most memorable moment?

My first experience was at my second coffee job and it was powdered chai. Super sweet and funky/spicy. I had no idea. My first experience with the real deal was when I worked with a lady named Corinne in my next job, she was in charge of the coffee bar. She had the real deal loose leaf sticky chai. Now I’m glad I got the real deal at Diggy's.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to start their own business?

As the NBA big man, Joel Embiid says, “Trust the process”.
Paul from Diggy's


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