Humans of Chai: Artist, Joi Murugavell

Humans of Chai: Artist, Joi Murugavell

Every now and then we love to share a chai (either in person, or virtually) with a friend of Chai Walli. We like to call it #HumansofChai.

Joi Murugavell is one of our most creative and loved customers, based in NSW. She is an amazing artist - just check out the pic of her above, enjoying her chai in front of one of her special pieces! We're fan-girling over her and you should too! You can find Joi on instagram: @joimurugavell and also on her website.

Recently we were lucky enough to have a virtual chai date with Joi to ask her some spicy questions about her love of chai + spices. Put on the kettle + enjoy our Q'n'A with Joi.

CW: Joi, tell us about your chai ritual.
Joi: When I feel like chai, I need to have it right away. Then comes the debate "geez, just make it in a pot, how lazy can you be?" versus "damn I have to wash that pot." I do end up making my chai in a pot, but there’s always a debate, so that’s become my ritual, not a beautiful ritual I’m afraid but the end result is always satisfying.

CW: Hehe. So how did you find out about us?
Joi: I saw a lip smacking post on IG and fell for it.

CW: So, what is your fav #chaiwalli blend + why?
Joi: I have two favourites. The original (11 Spice Chai) and the Turmeric one, I call it the howdy doody.

CW: Nice! Haha, that would be our Haldi Doodh! Now what's your fondest memory of chai?
Joi: Opening a Chai Walli bag for the first time and sniffing the most beautiful bouquet.

CW: Joi, you’ve become a huge fan of our spices from the new Uppma’s Pantry range, what curries have you whipped up?
Joi: I don’t have names for any curries I make (so far) but I’m finding that making curries with your spices is like a good version of Russian roulette where the curries are consistently good and no one dies.

Joi Murugavell artwork Joi in her studio - check out that colour!

Thanks Joi for sharing your experience of chai with us + thank you for sharing your unique art with the world! We're always checking out @joimurugavell when we're looking for colourful chai-spiration!

If you have a unique love or perspective on our Chai Walli goodies and think you'd be a fun member of our #HumansofChai, you can email Uppma at: xx


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