Chai Walli's Golden Chai (Caffeine Free) Blend!

Chai Walli's Golden Chai (Caffeine Free) Blend!

Conceived on: June 2017.

Date of birth: September 2017.

Why we brought it into the world:  Chai Walli’s Golden Chai blend was formulated by Uppma to create a masala chai blend that was fiery. Originally this blend was created with black tea to pay homage to her hometown in India, Punjab, where this kind of spicy *kadhak* blend has origins in. But she also wanted to create a caffeine free blend to enjoy in the evenings and on those days when you’re digging a strong spicy masala chai without the caffeine.

Tasting notes: Bold, strong body, warming, cloves, earthy and intense.

Pair with: Chai infused Pecan and Prosecco truffles, made with our Golden Chai blend.

Enjoy when: As an afternoon pick me up or in the evening before bed to enjoy as a caffeine free masala chai.

Brew: The traditional way on the stove top method.


What Chai Lovers say about Chai Walli's Caffeine-free Golden Chai:

"A friend gave me some of the Golden Chai Caffeine-free ..OMG so delicious, I was using another brand for years and will be now buying this one. Thank you for this" - Tracey

"Favourite tea! This is my 5th bag of Gold Chai - caffeine free tea! Love the flavour and the warmth from the turmeric!” - Kerryn

"Loved the golden chai with some honey. Very comforting at the end of the day. My girlfriends tried it and loved it too. I'm a big fan of this company.” - Julie

"“It made my life wo much easier. Whenever I had to have the golden milk I used to collect the spices separately, but this chai mix already has what I need and it’s super quick to make. I don't have to buy separate spices to make my Golden Milk. :) And it tastes like what my mum used to make in India! Cheers!” - Jagdeep

Please note, these reviews are from verified buyers of this blend.

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