Event: Chai, Yoga & Chat for International Women's Day 2021

Event: Chai, Yoga & Chat for International Women's Day 2021

On Monday 8 March, we hosted an intimate event for our local community to celebrate International Women's Day. It was an opportunity to bring people together in a safe space and open discussions about the raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality.

We are so humbled by the amazing women that joined us in the morning to share their stories and views about women's empowerment in our society. We started the morning with a beautiful yoga class, then had some soul warming chai, followed by a deep discussion led by Uppma.

Yoga at IWD Event

Some of the key topics discussed included:

  • Using your voice to reduce misogyny and racism in our community.
  • Selflessly empowering the woman next to you.
  • The impact of kindness.
  • The importance of creating a sense of community on our mental health and well-being.
  • Challenging the norm, in our own unique way.
  • Things that we can do to create an equal world.

For us, equality is multifaceted, with gender and cultural equality being as important as each other. This event left us feeling whole, knowing that we have the ability to create positive change and the choice to challenge.

The success of the event has led to the possibility of future meet-ups to continue the conversation about these topics we are passionate about. Because we believe, we all have the ability to create an equal and kind world.

View more photos from the event via our Facebook Page.


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