Event: Art of Chai Sydney Workshop

Event: Art of Chai Sydney Workshop

The Art of Chai Workshop was held at Chai Walli HQ over the weekend where a small group of chai enthusiasts joined a sensory experience to understand the authentic culture of chai. Hosted by Australia's leading chai expert, Uppma Virdi, everyone was taken on a journey to explore the spices used in chai blends and master the traditional brewing technique on the stove top. These chai lovers picked up the skills very quickly as they had a chance to brew a pot of their own.

It's so beautiful to see such passionate tea lovers come together to learn about the true nature of this spiced drink. As our philosophy stands, we believe chai is a language on its own that brings people together to create special memories.

We are planning for a few more workshops over the next few months, so make sure you follow our socials and newsletters to find out more.


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