Chai Infused Soap - Meet the Maker

Chai Infused Soap - Meet the Maker

Interview with Jade Lam, of Yve & Crow Soapery

We love collaborating at Chai Walli, especially when it allows us to not only connect with and support other female-run small businesses, but also to get a bit creative with projects that are unique! Earlier this year we discovered Melbourne local (and mum), Jade of Yve & Crow Soapery who has been busy creating an amazingly delicious chai soap infused with our signature 11 Spice Chai!  Here she takes the time to sit down with a cup of chai and allow us to get to know her a bit better...


Why did you start Yve & Crow?

I started Yve & Crow after I began searching for ways to improve my health. I was investigating the amount of toxins and synthetic chemicals that I had been exposing myself and my family to with our everyday products at home. I was shocked to realise that I was contributing to my failing health while living with an autoimmune disease - Crohn's - and also to my 11 year old daughter's asthma. With the help of a talented cousin, I was happily addicted to soap making and started noticing that the soap I made didn't give me a headache, my skin was happier & unexpectedly; I felt calmer. The essential oils evoked all kinds of memories for me and the longer I spent appreciating the scents & art throughout the soap, the more relaxed I felt after getting out of the shower to get on with my busy day.


What are the biggest challenges being a small artisan business in Melbourne?

The trickiest thing about starting my business was the feeling of isolation & doing everything on my own. However, I'm lucky enough to have a couple of close friends who are such a wealth of information in the world of herbal medicine. Their graciousness to help me, with such open hearts, inspired me to reach out to other like-minded people in the world of small artisan business. I soon felt that I wasn’t actually going this alone.


What is your favourite part of running your own creative business?

Giving myself permission to be creative everyday. Sharing something that I love so much with amazing people I've met along the way & the old friendships that have evolved & grown. I love the encouragement that Soapers & Creatives give each other.


How did you come up with the recipe for the Yve & Crow and Chai Walli soap collaboration?

My recipe for the Chai Soap came from a desire to enjoy the sweet, subtle scent that comes from the joy of drinking chai. I was excited to immerse myself in the gorgeous smell of chai, not just in the cup but in a luxurious shower. Uppma has done a beautiful job with her tea & the aroma is just one of my favourite parts. From rose petals and fennel, to the 100% pure essential oils of cardamom and clove - your skin will drink this up and be gently nourished.

Why is it important to you to use natural and high quality ingredients?

Knowing that the ingredients I use are of the highest quality & organic where I can, means knowing that the soap that my daughter, my family, friends & I use everyday contributes to us living a life that is reduced in toxins. It's another tool in my belt that has helped keep me off all medication for Crohn's Disease for almost a year now. They don't call our skin the third kidney for nothing.


What’s the best thing about being a Boss Lady?

I'd say that the biggest thrill I get from being a Boss Lady, is showing my daughter that it's possible to do something that you not only love but that can also earn you an income. “It doesn't hurt to encourage busy people to stop and smell the soap every once in a while.” 

You can follow her dreamy instagram for more soothing, soap-filled inspiration and to see all her other flavours.

You can purchase Jade's beautiful chai soap here, and be sure to check out our other amazing chai infused products like our natural soy chai candle made in house and our chai infused dark chocolate made by Monsieur Truffe. You can even get all our favourite chai infused treats in one go with our Ultimate Chai Treats Pack! To learn more about our journey and to get offers and updates on our products, sign up to our newsletter on the bottom of this page and feel free to email us anytime on if you have any enquiries.


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