7 Spicy Tips to Stay Warm this Winter

7 Spicy Tips to Stay Warm this Winter

Winter is truly here and we're desperate to find ways to spice us up. It's important how we treat our bodies by what we eat and drink, how we move it and even what we wear. Here's 7 of our best tips to help us through the cooler months.

1. Drink chai

It's pretty obvious, chai is perfect for any season, but there's specific spices used in masala chai blends that bring extra warmth to the body. During the daytime, Chai Walli's Golden Chai is recommended as it contains warming spices such as turmeric, ginger, fennel, cloves and cardamom.

2. Keep your body moving

Cold weather constricts our blood vessels, making our blood circulation a tad more difficult. As a result, we become a little more lazy and less active and this is exactly when we need to exercise. Brave the cold and it you're able to get moving first thing in the morning, you'll feel a lot more productive throughout the day. Exercise increases our blood flow hence warming our body faster. It also increases our happy hormones, our serotonin and endorphins. So let's get warm, get moving!

3. Drink warm water throughout the day

It’s a no brainer that warm water is something we inadvertently go to when we have a cold or suffer from a sore throat. It is one of the most quintessential winter warmers. Warm water is believed to increase your metabolism and immunity.

When consumed after or before food, it can help to aid in digestion as well. Experts say that hot water consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach can increase your overall being. Winters will never be complete without the benefits of warming warm aqua!

4. Keep a regular sleep schedule

In winter we may feel the need to sleep more, but technically shouldn't need more than in the summer months. It's claimed that you shouldn't need extra heavy blankets and layers of thermal clothing either. Your body is built to adapt internally and regulate your core temperature, keeping you warmer without excess. Having said that, make sure you are getting enough sleep to maintain your immune and gut health.

5. Wear good quality woollen clothing

Did you change over your winter wardrobe already? We hope that you've pulled out your woollen clothes - they're naturally insulating. Woollen fibres trap air in between them. This air prevents the outward flow of heat from our body. Wearing warm woollens also makes you feel cosy and pampered. It’s like the feeling of first love, just like a warm hug. Our personal winter favourites are Leophil and Uimi, which we swear by, when it comes to style and variety - not to mention quality.

6. Make chai mulled wine 

It goes without saying mulled wine is a classic winter cocktail and super easy to make. It’s warming, sensuous and spicy, all at the same time. Chai Mulled Wine is a spicy twist to the original mulled wine cocktail recipe. This is a perfect drink for date night, when you just feel like indulging or want to impress your guests at your next gathering! The cardamom and the 11 spices in our custom Chai Mulled Wine recipe will amp up your antioxidant levels too! You can try the full recipe in Chai Walli’s blog here.


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