5 Reasons why our new Sticky Chai  is the Bee’s Knees.

5 Reasons why our new Sticky Chai is the Bee’s Knees.

 #1 It’s made with love, locally.

Uppma Virdi from Chai Walli holding up the two new sticky chai jars

Blended by our small and dedicated team in Summer Hill, Sydney, you can almost feel the love radiating from every jar that is made!

The base for this blend is our signature 11 Spice Chai. This is the chai that Uppma started Chai Walli with, and it is still the chai that has the biggest piece of our heart. You won’t find a more loved up chai blend if you tried (chai’d).

#2 It comes in recycled (and recyclable) packaging.

Two jars of Chai Walli sticky chai next to an open amber jar.

It’s time to get serious about sustainability, and so as a business we’re working on ways that we can get more and more eco. The beautiful amber-tinted jars that the Sticky Chai are housed in are made from recycled PET plastic, rather than new or ‘virgin’ plastics. PET is a material that is widely used in the beverage industry and is one of the more easier plastics to recycle. We hear that they’re starting to recycle PET into household carpet - cool!

But - before you go cleaning out your empty jar and popping it in the recycling bin, how about reusing it? You can refill it with your next order of tea, use it to store spices, or even pop it in the arts and craft room for buttons! We personally think it would also make a super cute new home for a small succulent!

#3 We’ve made a Vegan one, too.

Vegan sticky chai in amber jar, photo taken from above.

It would be silly of us to assume that EVERYONE would be eager to try our honey-based Sticky Chai. We love the movement that’s happening towards a more plant-based, earth friendly way of being. Of course most of our products are vegan (its tea, guys) but we really wanted to make sure that our plant-based friends could enjoy our sticky chai just as much as the rest of us!

And, I’ll let you in on a little secret…we think that our Vegan Sticky Chai is JUST as delicious as our honey based chai. The pure, organic maple syrup we use brings a real malty/caramel flavour to our chai, which is so different and unique. Even if you are a honey honey, we dare you to try our Vegan version. You can thank us later.  

#4 We use local honey from a family run business.

We were so excited when we discovered Ana and Sven! These busy bees (literally) own a property on the Mid North Coast of NSW and have over 200 beehives buzzing along. The gorgeous thing about this pair is that many of their beehives are for rescued colonies.

Bee colonies can settle in school yard trees, telephone boxes and backyard fences - often in places they’re not welcome. Ana and Sven are called when a new colony is found in the area, and it’s through Sven’s focussed, East German manner, that he is able to rescue and re-home these bees on their property. In fact, Ana and Sven have now rescued over 100 bee colonies that would otherwise have been exterminated. AND (in case you didn’t already fall in love with them) they send 5% of all sales of their honey to Save the Bees Australia. Their catch-cry is “bee the cure.” Yass Kween!

#5 It’s freaking delicious + so simple to brew.

Sticky Chai and vegan sticky chai on a table with cinnamon and a teapot.I don’t think we need to say it again. But, we will. Our Sticky Chai is freaking delicious! And because the honey/maple syrup has allowed the flavour from the tea and spices to infuse the sweetener, there’s an intensity to flavour that requires a much shorter brewing process than your classic loose leaf chai blend.

We love you that you can use our Sticky Chai to brew:

  1. A milky, caffe latte style chai.
  2. In a traditional way on the stove top.
  3. Simply in a teapot.

Before you go looking for the brewing instructions - here’s something we prepared earlier. Follow the link to watch some short video clips of Uppma explaining how each style of chai can be made.

- - - - - 

Ok team, there you have it. Our top 5 reasons why Chai Walli’s Sticky Chai is the bees knees. Once you’ve tried it - we’d love to hear from you! Maybe in a few months time, I can change this blog to be the top 55 reasons why…send your ideas in!

To pick up your own jar from home, follow these links:
"I NEED your Honey Sticky Chai - now!"
"Oh goodness me, a sticky chai for vegans - yasss!"

p.s. We really suggest you check out Save the Bees Australia and see if there's some things you can do in your own garden that can help keep our bee population buzzing!


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