5 Chai Walli Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

5 Chai Walli Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's day is a celebration to honour mothers in the family, motherhood, and the influence of mothers in society. At Chai Walli, we value the importance and are grateful for our maternal bonds. So, we want to thank them through the gift of chai for passing on their wisdom and showing their unconditional love and care.

1. Ultimate Chai Treats Pack

It's a dream chai gift box for the quintessential chai lover an indulgent treat for your Mum. Beautifully packaged with Chai Walli's signature blend and chai-infused treats, perfect for a little "me-time".

2. Art of Chai Workshop

For our Sydney Chai lovers, give the gift of chai experience with the upcoming Art of Chai Workshop. Take your Mum on a date, into a sensory experience of understanding the culture of chai, how blends are created and traditional brewing techniques.

3. Chai Making Kit

Equip your Mum with the essential tools to make an authentic cup of chai. It's so important you have the right chai pot to brew the perfect chai on stove top and also pour from without any spillage. And of course the most delicious handcrafted chai blends too.

4. Chai Lovers Pack

Just as the name suggests, it truly is the pack for ultimate chai lovers. With every Chai Walli blend including their caffeine-free sister, your mum will have the full spectrum of chai for every season and occassion.

5. The Chai Walli Gift Set

So beauteafully packaged, this gift set not only gives an array of Chai Walli's blends but with a strike of elegance too. This gorgeous product will be sure to surprise and delight your stylish friends and show off your chai collection.


Your Mum deserves a little sweet and spice for simply being awesome, so check out the Chai Walli Mother's Day Collection for the perfect treat to show your gratitude.


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