Art of Chai Workshop | Virtual and In Person 2022

Art of Chai Workshop | Virtual and In Person 2022

Get chai-cited for the 2022 Art of Chai Workshops! Our 5 star rated "Learn the Art of Chai at Home" is continuing in 2022, and our in person "Art of Chai Tasting Experiences" are ready to book now! For more information, simply click on the event you want to know more about above. 

Learn the Art of Chai at Home: Virtual Workshop
2nd December 2022 (Christmas Edition Special!) | 10am - 12pm 

Learn to Make Masala Chai at Home
21st December 2022 ( Christmas Edition Special!) | 12:45pm - 1:45pm

Make Authentic Dhal at Home
28th December 2022  | 11am - 12:30pm


Explore the origins of chai and gain an understanding of this spiced tea which is deeply rooted in Indian and Ayurvedic culture. Led by Uppma from Chai Walli in Summer Hill, we will explore what chai actually is, including its culture, taste ingredients and brewing methods.

Class outline:

  • Understand the history and culture of chai in India.
  • Identify the key steps to creating a balanced chai blend - bringing together black tea and specific spices for both their taste and healing properties.
  • Identify and taste different varieties of chai and understand how the brewing method is a vital part of the chai process.
  • Be fully equipped to brew chai at home using traditional Indian methods.

These classes are facilitated by Chai Walli founder Uppma who is the granddaughter of an Ayurvedic doctor who specialised in Indian spices and remedial chai. Her rich Indian upbringing involved playing and experimenting with Indian herbs and spices. Chai was simply a part of daily life.

This workshop will tantalise all your senses as you will be able to see, touch, smell and (of course!) taste, authentic Indian chai. Uppma will deliver this class in a fun, open and comfortable approach for you to learn all about chai; the beloved national drink of India.

Covid-19 Information:
At this moment in time, we require everyone (16+) to show their proof of vaccination before they enter the class. Masks will also be mandatory (12+) when we are not tasting chai.