Banksia Aroma Pod + Diffuser Blend


Banksia Aroma Pod + Diffuser Blend


Wellness and rituals are extremely important to us at Chai Walli and we want to share with you the most amazing Australian made products that we use personally on a daily basis. We've searched high and low to find these unique Australian Made essential oil diffusers to help you create a tranquil space in your home or workplace. Each diffuser comes with a beautifully crafted Essential oil blended by Flaurae,  who use a range of pure, natural ingredients that smell good but make you feel even better. 

We absolutely love these three essential oil blends, each with unique properties: 

Flaurae Uplift Essential Oil Blend:

  • Lavender: Turns your mind into a hub of relaxation
  • Rosewood: Clears out the mental clutter and relaxes your mind
  • Bergamot: Has a positive effect on those out-of-control cortisol levels
  • Ylang-Ylang: Lifts your mood and gives you a well-deserved mental boost

Flaurae Dream Essential Oil Blend:

  • Lemon: Reduces stressful feelings so that you drift off more easily
  • Marjoram: Ensures your brain is getting the oxygen it needs for better sleep
  • Lavender: Clears out the worries that are keeping you awake
  • Chamomile: Soothes your nerves to make it easier to snooze

Flaurae Wisdom Essential Oil Blend:

  • Sweet Orange: Calms that busy mind so that you can focus on one thing at a time
  • Ylang-Ylang: Lifts your mood and gives you a well-deserved mental boost
  • Jasmine: Eases feelings of stress reduces irritation
  • Sandalwood: Allows you to slip into a deep sleep when the day is done


How the Banksia Aroma Pod Diffuser Works

Made from the Banksia Grandis seed pod, this sustainable diffuser is highly porous and all-natural. The pod soaks up your favourite essential oil blends like a sponge, gradually releasing the wonderful aromas for hours on end.

No flames, no electricity, just pure benefits.