Assam Black Tea: Dust


Assam Black Tea: Dust


Our Assam Black Tea are of the highest grade and is directly sourced from a small batch organic, and fair trade tea garden in the Assam Valley of India. We invite you to brew this by itself, so you can enjoy the full body flavour of Assam Black Tea.

Use this to add more tea to your chai blends, to play around with your own creations or simply enjoy by itself.  

This product has a dust like texture due to it's smaller granules. It's still good to drink, or use this to create your own blends and creations. 


Flavour Profile

Assam Black Tea has a ruby red colour, with a rich malty and full-bodied flavour. 


Directions for 2

Add 2 teaspoons of Black Tea in 1 cup of boiling water. 

Agitate the leaves to blend in the flavour

Let in brew for 1-2 minutes (or however you prefer)

Strain tea leaves out and add milk, sugar or honey. 

You can even drink this by itself and let it's true taste shine through


Dietary Requirements

Sugar free, gluten free, vegan, natural, preservative free.



500g = 100 serves
1kg = 200 serves