Chai Walli T-Shirt (AS Colour)

$22.00 $26.00

Chai Walli T-Shirt (AS Colour)

$22.00 $26.00

It's the mantra we wake up with each morning, and the one that is in our head as we're going to bed....


Our limited edition Chai Walli t-shirts are crisp and clean, and straight to the point! We can't wait for you to wear your chai passions with pride!

We use the amazing quality of AS Colour as the maker of these tees and we've started off with the 'female' tee.

To measure body width - measure from armpit to armpit, across chest.
To measure body length - measure your favourite tee from neck line to base of the t-shirt.  

Krystal here is wearing a small size, she usually wears a size 6 in t-shirts.

Rob here is wearing a large size, he usually wears medium in t shirts though.