Welcome to the Chai Walli Team Kristy!

Welcome to the Chai Walli Team Kristy!

So Kristy, tell us a little bit about what you do at Chai Walli?

I do a bit of everything from packing chai, assembling all of our customers & wholesale orders, customer service/ enquiries, organising virtual chai workshops and trying to master our inventory system. Also making chai for the team at 3:00pm when it’s my day to brew.

How did you discover Chai Walli? 

I really missed drinking chai when lockdown hit last year in 2020. For some reason I stumbled across Chai Walli, and bought the "working from home kit". I was hooked, it had everything I needed including honey and oat milk which was MIA in the shops at that time. I made making chai my personal ritual between work breaks, as it cleared my mind and was a fun activity to do. Now I work here. It's also the best chai I have tasted, and I have learned so much about making chai authentically on the stove which makes me love it even more. 

Chai Walli Working from home kit, 11 spice honey herbal tea

"My first purchase from Chai Walli - Working from home kit + some of my chaiwares"

Can you tell me what your favourite Chai Walli blend is?

My favourite blend is probably the Golden Chai as I love the warmth of the turmeric and ginger in it. However I've just discovered blending the sticky chai with the caffeine free 11 spice chai. It gives me the sweetness I like from the sticky chai and the spiciness of the 11 spice chai mix without the extra tea leaves. This is my new go to, but ask me again next week and I'll see what I say then.

I’m also loving the Chai Syrup with Oat milk! This is a new favourite for summer. 

Just say all blends are my favourite, but this is what I'm currently vibing with.

 Chai Syrup hand made small business chai walli

"Working from home with Louie (aka. Spice pug) and some Chai Syrup + oat milk"

What spice or herb do you resonate with the most?

It would be cinnamon (Ceylon not cassia). I'm super sweet, yet have bursts of excitement and energy. I'm super versatile, and you can see me in any dessert hehe.

We've all been experiencing uncertainty over these past years, what has mindfulness look like to you?

Mindfulness is being aware of my thoughts and stories that I tell to myself. Making sure that they don't bolt off like a runaway horse and doubt myself. It's all about reining in that horse, calming it down, giving it a pat and some carrots.

How did you keep positive during Sydney's crazy 14 week lockdown?

I have bought so many books and have been reading them. I've been facetiming my friends, and family. Hanging out with Louie the spice pug we’ve been inseparable all lockdown and he didn’t like it when I had to leave for work. Playing all of my boyfriend’s old Pokémon game boy games and being super nostalgic .Getting a job at Chai Walli (which I have been manifesting for a long time), and mastering the Art of Chai!

We know you love your herbs and reading about them, tell us what you're reading about right now.

I've been reading a book called "Herbiary" by Maia Toll. I absolutely love the psychedelic illustrations and the little activities you can do with each herb. It's a fun read about the personalities of each herb and a book that you can keep going back to. I've just started to read "The Yoga of Herbs" book by Vasant Lad, David Frawley, it's an in depth handy book about the herbs & spices and how they are used in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine. I have also got another 10 herby books right now that I'm also reading, and you (Uppma) give me spice books to read as well. I've just bought a factual book about poisonous botanicals and how they were used in history, so that would be a fun read.

Herbal Books spice chai walli

"Botanical books that I've been reading"

What's one chailight of your work at CW?

Drinking Chai each day, and getting to know all of our lovely customers and wholesalers 🙂 

Now that we are coming into the Summer season, what is your favourite season?

It used to be summer as it's my birthday season. I might have to say spring now because I absolutely love the blooming of all the flowers on my daily walks around my home. Especially Jasmine, it makes me feel so happy and euphoric.

Finally, What is your top tip to stay in balance?

Listen to your body and act on what it is trying to tell you. Getting back to nature any time I can, even if it's for 5 minutes. It makes the biggest difference to my outlook and mental state. Plus I get to smell all of the beautiful flowers too! 


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