Introducing: Chai Subscriptions!

Introducing: Chai Subscriptions!

Chai Obsessed? Join the club!

It’s that moment when you wake up, and you are SURE you can smell chai in the air (most likely because you were dreaming about it).

It’s remembering that thing you read about the natural benefits of spices, and then praising yourself with every cup!

It's that time you hosted an afternoon tea, went a bit crazy and used chai to spike the apple crumble, the ice-cream, even the cocktails!



It's when you’re at work at 3pm and everyone is getting jittery and asking “is it too late for a coffee,” and you have your smug smile on because you’re riding the more mellow tea related caffeine buzz - not that super spiky coffee one!

And... it’s the giggle you get each time you take that first sip, and you recall the time Uppma said “chaigasm” on national tv.

Ahhh, chai. How we love thee!

Ok, so this is our reality - and if it is yours - then we want to let you know that we are here to help! We’ve cracked the code so that you will never run out of chai again!


This could be you. 

Introducing: Chai Walli Recurring Orders

Chai Lovers - this is for you.

Now when you place a chai order, you have the option to receive a regular delivery of the good stuff shipped to you every 1-4 weeks! Hurrah! Direct to your door (or your office, if you are an amazing & generous employer)!

We mentioned that this was our gift to you. As a thanks for your loving loyalty, by signing up to Chai Walli Recurring Orders, you will receive 10% off your order each time!


And it’s not just for our 11 Spice Chai-hards. We’ve also included products for our Golden Chai lovers and our Turmeric Latte friends. Dissing the caffeine? Not a problem, as this offer extends to our caffeine-free blends too!

It’s really simple to set up a customer account on our website. Place your order, nominate the weight and delivery intervals, and then let us do the rest! You will automatically get charged the (discounted) amount before each shipment, and you can also pause, skip, or cancel your subscription as you wish!

We’re so excited to be delivering this service to you - it really will help us sleep better at night knowing that you won’t ever run out of chai again. Phew! 

If you have any questions about setting up a regular delivery of authentic masala chai to your door, just drop us a line at

Stay spicy. Drink Chai. #chaiwalli xx


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