Upcoming Art of Chai Workshops (Virtual and In Person)

Upcoming Art of Chai Workshops (Virtual and In Person)

Chai Walli is excited to partner with Class Bento to offer you our In Person and Virtual Art of Chai Workshops. Uppma hosts Art of Chai Workshops to educate the community about authentic masala chai and its rich culture which she was raised in.

In our virtual workshops, you will be sent a DIY Chai Brewing Kit so you have all the tools you need to learn how to brew traditional masala chai at home (no additional shipping costs occur). These are the perfect gift for a loved one or as an interactive team building activity!

In our in person workshops, you'll get all the tools you need on the day, but we'll cover very similar things to what we will cover in virtual event. If you have any questions at all, contact us on hello@chaiwalli.com.au.

About the teacher: Uppma, Australia's leading chai expert, will guide you in exploring the origins of this spiced tea which is deep rooted in Indian and Ayurvedic culture. To understand what chai actually is, we will explore its culture, taste, ingredients and brewing methods. This class will equip you with the right skills to truly understand authentic masala chai.

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